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Tube labeling systems AXON 1
Fast and reliable allocation of samples in labs with vertical tube/vial position

Labeling systems for tubes and vials

Tube labeling systems AXON 1vergrößern

Labeling tubes

Labeling vials

Unique labeling enables samples be assigned quick and reliably in labs. In practice, self-adhesive labels are applied individually to tubes or vials. 1D or 2D encoding enables samples be processed fully automated in transport and filing.

AXON has been designed for direct thermal and thermal transfer label printing. 300 dpi or 600 dpi print resolutions favor sharp-edge and high-contrast print images. The smallest codes and fonts can be verified reliably.

A labeling cycle takes less than two seconds. Tubes and vials with or without a closure cap can be inserted by hand or automated by a handling system.

Symbols on the control panel support AXON be operated intuitively. Replacing a label roll or a ribbon is no big deal. In cases of cleaning or wear, print rollers and transport rollers are easy to remove using a tool attached.

RS232, USB, Ethernet, WLAN and Bluetooth ensure data be transferred. AXON integrates to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). If no PC is plugged, variable data can be entered on a control panel, with the help of a keyboard or a scanner. 110 VAC to 240 VAC input voltage at 50 / 60 Hz, 36 VDC to 60 VDC are options

Comparison of the tube labeling systems

More information about AXON 2
Modules of a SQUIX 2P label printer and modules of the tube applicator are united in one chassis. Printer Standard SQUIX 4MP label printer providing an AXON 2 applicator
no more than 56 mm Label widths no more than 110 mm
vertical Tube / vial orientation horizontal
Once tubes or vials have been inserted to the retainer, they can be filled and sealed. Particularity Identified tubes and vials can be ejected automatically, for example to a tray.
7 - 26 mm, a maximum of 38 mm may be possible upon request Tube / vial diameters 7 - 22 mm
20 - 130 mm Tube / vial lengths 25 - 120 mm
Warning on a label roll ending
Codes be verified
Options -

Video: Tube labeling system AXON 1

Labeling tubes reliably in real time

  View video


cab systems developed for printing and applying labels provide proper features by default, fairly protecting your data in a network.

Our security features

Marking in the laboratory

Fast and reliable analyses and traceability with cab devices.

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1 Ribbon retainer
Materials are easy to remove with the help of a three-part tightening axle.

2 Antistatic brush
Electrostatic charge dissipates after printing, in particular if plastic materials are in use.

3 Transport roller
Labels are applied to tubes or vials. Height setting according to the length of a tube or vial

4 Control panel
Intuitive operation using self-explanatory symbols Rotation in steps of 90° by software command

5 Internal liner rewind unit
Materials are easy to remove with the help of a three-part tightening axle.

6 Print roller
Synthetic rubber favors highly accurate print images.

7 Peel-off plate, extended
It promotes labels be applied reliably to tubes or vials.

8 Pinch roller
Tubes or vials are pressed against the transport roller as labels are applied.

36 VDC - 60 VDC input voltage

36 VDC - 60 VDC input voltage
Instead of standard power supply, a 36 VDC to 60 VDC module can be installed. A mating plug is provided on delivery.

cab AXON 1.2 details
AXON 1.2 processing labels 5 mm to 56 mm wide

9 Solid cast aluminum chassis
Base of all components

10 Base plate
Height setting enables labels be located accurately to target positions on tubes or vials.

cab AXON 1.1 details
AXON 1.1 processing labels 5 mm to 25.4 mm wide. Small tubes or vials can be inserted more easily.

Control panel

Intuitive operation. Settings are easy to configure using self-explanatory symbols.

1 LED: Power ON

2 Status bar: Receive data, record datastream, warning on a ribbon ending, SD memory card / USB stick plugged, Bluetooth, WLAN, Ethernet, USB slave, Time

Printer status: Ready, pause, number of labels printed on a print job,
label in peel-off position, awaiting external start signal

4 USB slot to plug a service key or a memory stick, to store data in the internal IFFS printer memory


Print Print and apply labels step by step

Jump Jump to menu

Reprint  Reprint the last label

Interrupt   Interrupt and continue a print job

Stop  Stop and delete all print jobs

Label feed  Label feed


Setup options
Setup options

Print positions Y
Print positions Y

Print parameters
Print parameters

Print speeds
Print speeds

AXON 1 tube labeling system
Landscape or portrait display depending on the orientation of assembly

Display AXON 1
Rotation in steps of 90° by software command

SQUIX label printer representing AXON 2

Display AXON 2

Video tutorials

Video tutorials


1 Slot to plug a SD memory card

2 2 USB hosts to plug a service key, a USB stick, a keyboard, a barcode scanner, an USB Bluetooth adapter, an USB WLAN stick or an external control panel

3 USB 2.0 Hi-speed to plug a PC

4 Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s

5 RS232C 1,200 to 230,400 Baud / 8 Bit


6 Digital I/O interface; SUB-D socket connector, 25 pins
compliant with IEC/EN 61131-2, Type 1+3
Inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated and protect from reverse polarity. Outputs are short-circuit proof.

PNP inputs
Start printing / applying a label
Print initial label
Delete print job
Label removed
Stop printing / applying a label
Label feed

PNP, NPN outputs
Device ready
Print data available
Initial position / upper end limit
Paper feed ON
Label in peel-off position
Labeling position / lower end limit
Warning on a ribbon ending
Warning on a label roll ending*
Ribbon / Label roll ending
Collective error

Digitale I/O-Schnittstelle 24 VDC*AXON 1 only

AXON 1 tube labeling system

AXON 1 interfaces

SQUIX label printer representing AXON 2

AXON 2 Interfaces

typical typical     standard standard     Option option

Tube labeling system AXON 1.1 AXON 1.2
Print head
Print method Thermal transfer typical typical typical typical
Direct thermal typical - typical -
Print resolution dpi 300 600 300 600
Print speed mm/s 100 100 100 100
Print width mm max. 25.4 25.4 56.9 54.1
Tubes / Vials Orientation at the time of a label be applied vertical
Diameter mm 7 - 26, 16 - 38 if options are provided
mm upon request max. 38
Length, closure cap included mm 20 - 130
Conicity (change in diameter) % max. 0.8
Labels1) Material Paper, plastics such as PET, PP
Width mm 5 - 25.4 5 - 56
Height mm at least 12
Thickness mm at least 0.05
Roll diameter mm max. 205
Core diameter mm 76
Winding outside
Liner Width mm 16 - 30 24 - 60
Thickness2) mm 0.045 - 0.05
Ribbon Coating outside or inside
Roll diameter mm max. 80
Core diameter mm 25
Length m max. 600
Width mm 25 - 38.1 25 - 60
Printer dimensions and weights
Width x Height x Depth mm 270 x 195 x 560
Weight kg approx. 12
Label sensors / Position indicators
Transmissive sensor to detect labels or punch marks and materials ending, print marks on transparent materials
Reflective sensor bottom or top reflex to detect labels and materials ending, print marks on non-transparent materials
Sensor distance to the contact edge left-aligned mm 8 5 - 12
RS232-C 1,200 to 230,400 Baud / 8 Bit standard
USB 2.0 Hi-speed to plug a PC standard
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s LPD, RawIP-Printing, SOAP-Webservice, OPC UA, WebDAV, DHCP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/FTPS, TIME, NTP, Zeroconf, SNMP, SMTP, VNC
1 USB host on the control panel to plug a service key, USB stick
2 USB hosts on the back of the device to plug a keyboard, barcode scanner, USB Bluetooth adapter, USB WLAN stick
Digital 24 VDC I/O interface Option
Operational data
Voltage 100 - 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, PFC standard
36 - 60 VDC Option
Power input <10 W in standby / 80 W are typical / max. 200 W
Temperature / Humidity: In operation +5 - 40 °C / 10 - 85 %, not condensing
On stock 0 - 60 °C / 20 - 85 %, not condensing
In transport –25 - 60 °C / 20 - 85 %, not condensing
Approvals CE (In-vitro), FCC Class A, ICES-3, cULus, CB
Control panel
LCD color touchscreen diagonal 4,3
Resolution - Width x Height px 272 x 480
  1. Limitations may apply when using small labels, thin materials or strong adhesive. Critical applications need testing.
  2. Peeling labels off a liner requires liner materials not thicker than the labels.

For a comparison of AXON 1 and AXON 2 technical data and other technical data, see the product brochure. (PDF)

Free and Open Source software are part of cab products. For information see www.cab.de/opensource

Cast aluminum cover

Cast aluminum cover

It prevents from contamination.
A large inspection window is provided.

CC200-AXON code verifier

Code-Checker CC200

One 1D code* on a label can be checked on readability (GOODBAD) by a camera. One code per label can be verified in terms of readability. Results are compared with the print data (VERIFY).

*2D-Codes in preparation

Warning on a label roll ending

Warning on a label roll ending, in preparation

in preparation
Remaining roll diameters are detected by a sensor. The I/O interface indicates predefined minimum values. Diameters may be requested or displayed also using data interfaces.

K Type peel-off plate

K Type peel-off plate, customer-specific

If closure caps interfere with a peel-off plate, adaption is required.



Digital I/O interface Digital 24 VDC I/O interface
SUB-D socket connector, 25 pins

Video: AXON 1 with robot - Labeling of tubes in medical industries

Powered by YouTube. See all cab videos: cab channel on YouTube.

cab shows in this study the universal labeling of different label formats and flexible labeling positions with a robot. Alternatively, the label printers are equipped with both the same label format and ensure continuous operation at media end.

Other format:

Video: Tube labeling system AXON 1

Powered by YouTube. See all cab videos: cab channel on YouTube.

Other format:


3D CAD models

The files are provided in STEP format, which requires CAD software. Follow this link to download a free STP Viewer:  VariCAD Viewer (External website).

Select the desired model and click on the link. A short registration follows. cab will handle your personal information as described in our Privacy statement. This information will not be accessible to any third party for marketing purposes. You will receive an email with an activation link and you can download the models.

You need Adobe Reader to view the PDF-files.     Download current version of Adobe Reader

Here you can download firmware, drivers and software. Documentation on label software, printers programming and administration as well as integration of cab printers into SAP systems:
Label software

Software & Drivers

You need Adobe Reader to view the PDF-files.     Download current version of Adobe Reader

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