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Extraction and filter systems for marking lasers

Extraction and filter system AF5
for XENO systems and LSG+100E

Protects the operator’s health and prevents the working area and lens from being contaminated

Processing materials with a laser produces poisonous dusts and gas pollutants. Extraction protects the operator's health and prevents the laser room and lens from contamination.

It also ensures that laser power maintains. Air is extracted from the working room with the help of a highly performant turbine throught a flexible hose.

Pollutants and dusts are emitted in the pre-filter and a filter particularly provided for suspended particles. Gas pollutants are absorbed by the active carbon filter. Clean air is returned to the environment.

The system has a modular design. Filters are easy to replace.


Extraction and filter device AF5vergrößern



Pre-filter mat
6.3 Pre-filter mat
6.4 Pre-filter
to absorb about 10 times more pollutants and dusts compared to the mat
Filter for suspended particles
6.5 Filter for suspended particles
Active corbon / BAC filter
6.6 Active carbon / BAC filter


Pre-filter module
6.7 Pre-filter module
for retrofitting
Suction hose 2.5 m
6.8 Suction hose 2.5 m
included in the scope of delivery
Crevice nozzle
6.9 Crevice nozzle
included in the scope of delivery to clean the operation room
6.9 XENO 4 AF5 cable, 3 m
  6.7 6.8
Extraction and filter device AF5 AF5 with a
pre-filter module
Suction power up to m3/h 230
Vacuum up to Pa 11,000
Filter equipment Filter class  
Pre-filter mat F5 Standard -
Pre-filter F7 - Standard
Filter for suspended particles H13 Standard Standard
Active carbon / BAC filter Standard Standard
Dimensions and weights
Device Width mm 350 350
Height mm 650 880
Depth mm 350 350
Weight approx. kg 40 55
Suction pipe NW mm 50 50
Operating data
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Standby W <40
typical W 400
upt to W 1.100
Approvals CE, FCC, cETLus,
Operation panel
Display Colored LCD display
  Filter saturation
Filter state
Suction power
Error message
Turbine / temperature
System error
Button 1
Button 2
Run / Standby
Suction power
  Serial RS232C
Monitoring Run / Standby
Suction power
Temperature error
Turbine error
Filter saturated
Filter pre-warning (75%)
Filter 1/2 vacuum
Rotation speed
Operating hours Run
Operating hours Standby
Control unit Run / standby
Suction power+/-


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