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Marking software cabLase
Software for design of layouts and control marking process

Design- control - monitor

All FL+ marking lasers have installed the marking software cabLase Editor 5. Key features are:

  • Graphic design of layouts
  • Control of marking
  • Monitoring marking process

Stand-alone mode

cabLase supports marking without the need of a PC. Marking layouts and associated fonts are downloaded and then transferred to the laser control for further management. Allows process control and monitoring by digital signals.

Remote host mode

cabLase allows to be remote controlled via serial, Ethernet or ProfiBus connection by a host control e.g. PC, PLC. Programming commands are available to select layouts, to change marking data, for process control and monitoring.

Remote API interface

Specially designed to be integrated into demanding manufacturing environments. Allows to generate objects, its parameter setting, management and processing of associated layouts and variable contents externally from a PC or via PLC.

COM Automation Server

For individual, customizable marking applications. Offers a command library with all functions of the marking software cabLase.

Integration in ERP and MES systems

cabLase offers program modules for the integration of laser marking systems into MES and ERP platforms. As member in SAP’s Printer Vendor Program cab has access to e.g. implement marking applications to the SAP data stream.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things symbolize tomorrow’s smart production. Software for users and connectivity are key technologies to be implemented. cab FL+ marking lasers are designed for the future and supplied with all necessary program and data interfaces. We will be pleased to advise you on questions about your application!

Showcase Hannover Messe 2016

Marking on 'smart' key rings with cab fiber lasers.

Live at the SAP booth

Laser marking: Questions to Jens Heidel

What are the benefits of laser marking? cab Sales Director North Germany, answers our questions.

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Software cabLase Editor 5
Fonts All TrueType fonts installed in Windows, filled or as outline, laser specific single, double and triple line fonts. All fonts can be freely scaled and „wobbled“.
Alignment Any alignment and direction of rotation, circular arc marking
Character spacing Stretching and compressing
Graphic elements Lines, circles, rectangles, polygones; Hatching of all filled surface elements
Graphic formats PLT, DXF, BMP, JPG, PCX, WMF, EPS, TIF; All graphic elements can be scaled, moved, rotated, grouped or mirrored. Special tools are available to align the objects.
Linear barcodes Interleaved 2/5
Code 39, Code 93
Code 128
2D-Codes Data Matrix, ECC200, QR code
  All codes are variable in height, module width and ratio. Optionally: check digits, inverted codes
Additional features
Serial number, time, date
Variable fields
Insertion of graphic data out of Windows programs
Programmable laser parameters
Storage of process and parameter files
Control of digital in- and outputs
Control and monitoring of additional axes e.g. lifting, rotary and linear axes


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Software & Drivers

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You need Adobe Reader to view the PDF-files. Some documents require version 7 or above. Download current version of Adobe Reader

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