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Laser marking system XENO 1
Compact desktop system, offering little footprint and a large work area

Never has laser marking been so easy! Unpack the device, install the software, connect and get started.

XENO 1 is a compact desktop system, offering little footprint and a large work area.

XENO 1 perfectly fits with marking on metals or plastics.

XENO 1 completes the range of cab laser marking systems in the lower price segment. Processing the system complies with high industrial standards.

The marking plane is easily and quickly adjustable in height up to 200 mm with the motor-driven moveable Z-axis and the focus finder. In case of different height levels at the workpiece, the scan head can be automatically adjusted to the right focus distance by the integrated numeric Z-axis.

The marking can be simulated with the pilot laser. Interior LED lighting allows observation of the workpiece when the operation door is closed. The workpiece holder is mounted on the groove plate. A rotary axis is available for cylindrical objects. The focus finder makes it easy to adjust the marking plane.

The automatic operation door opens or closes within seconds. Material can be inserted manually or by a handling system from three sides. The extraction and filter system extracts pollutant particles, dusts or gaseous pollutants. It is provided as an accessory.

With the comprehensive cabLase marking software layouts are graphically designed, markings controlled and processes monitored. The legal environmental regulations RoHS and REACH are observed.

Video: XENO 1 compact all-in-one laser marking system

Never has laser marking been so easy! Sales director Mario Hiss highlights the benefits of XENO 1.

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Sample applications

Evaporation with high energy density removes the material. An indentation with a sharp outline occurs.

is mainly applied with highly alloyed stainless steel as well as with titanium.

The laser ablates the top layer to uncover the underneath material. Examples include anodized layers or paint coatings.

is applied with plastics. The way the color changes depends from the chemical composition of the material as well as from ingredients and fillers.

The laser melts into the surface of the material.

Laser marking: Questions to Jens Heidel

What are the benefits of laser marking? cab Sales Director North Germany, answers our questions.

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XENO 1 is a fully equipped laser marking system offering high operating comfort for marking single components and series.

1 Integrated Ytterbium fiber laser 20 or 30 W

2 Motor-driven operation door

3 Motor-driven scan head adjustable in height, with a pilot laser to preview the marking

4 Focus finder to set up the marking lane

5 LED lit work area

6 Rotary axis with a 3-jaw chuck to mark cylindrical objects

7 Digital I/O enables control and monitoring, providing 8 freely programmable inputs and outputs

8 Plug to connect the rotary axisOperation panel with function keys, status displays

9 Operation panel with function keys, status displays

10 Groove plate to clamp the workpiece carriers

11 Z-axis, slideable along the groove plate

12 Suction hose

Laser marking with XENO 1


13 External start signal

14 E-stop to integrate into external safety circuits

15 External 24 V for additional operations

16 2 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
As delivered, the device is configured with an IP address or in DHCP mode.

17 Port to connect the extraction and filter device

XENO 1 interfaces
  7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4
  Laser marking system XENO 1
Laser source Ytterbium fiber laser, pulsed
     cw output power max. W 20 30
     Puls energy mJ 1
     Wave length nm 1,064
     Beam quality M2 <1.8
     Pulse width ns <120
     Pulse frequency kHz 20 - 60 30 - 60
Pilot laser / focus finder
     Wave length nm 650
     cw output power mW <0.4
Plano-spherical lenses 160.2 254.2 160.2 254.2
     Working distance mm 210 ± 8 310 ± 8 210 ± 8 310 ± 8
     Marking field mm 112 x 112 180 x 180 112 x 112 180 x 180
Work area Height mm 200 100 200 100
Groove plate W x H x D x pitch mm 500 x 20 x 375 x 25
Z axis stroke motor-driven mm 210
     Position accuracy mm ±0.1
     Repetitive accuracy mm ±0.1
     Traversing speed mm/s 20
Interior lighting LED
Operating door motor-driven opening / closeing
Workpiece weight max. kg 30
Dimemsions and weight
Device W x H x D mm 580 x 660 x 700
Device Weight approx. kg 65
Laser protection window W x H mm 100 x 200
     Nozzle flexible hose NW mm 38
     Connector extraction NW mm 50
Operating data
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Standby <35 W / typical 150 W / max. 200 W
Temperature / humidity: Operation +5-35 °C/10-85 % not condensing
Temperature/humidit:y Storage 0-60 °C/20-85 % not condensing
Temperature/humidit:y Transport –25-60 °C/20-85 % not condensing
Approvals CE, FCC class A
Laser safety class EN60825-1 Class 1
Operation panel
LED indicators Power, Ready, Emission, Error, Marking
Buttons illuminated Control ON/OFF
Focus finder ON/OFF
Extraction ON/OFF
Z axis UP/DOWN
Rotary axis LEFT/RIGHT
Operation door OPEN/CLOSE
Switch E-stop
Key switch automatic / manual
Safety circuits closed
Collective error Marking laser
Extraction device
Work area Rotary axis
Digital I/O
Back of device 2 x Ethernet TCP/IP
24 V for digital I/O
Extraction and filter device AF5
External start, external e-stop

Video: XENO 1 compact all-in-one laser marking system

Never has laser marking been so easy! Sales director Mario Hiss highlights the benefits of XENO 1.

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