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Marking lasers

Precisely and durably laser marking of metal and plastic parts in high speed.

Marking lasers

Using marking lasers is economic, when it comes to precisely and durably mark smallest components up to larger parts.

The benefits of laser marking

  • Focusing in smallest spaces, as laser beams allow enormous energies to be bundled.
  • Flexibility, as both metal and plastic parts can be marked with lasers. Even in places that are difficult to access.
  • High marking speed, as strongly focused light does not have to overcome mechanical resistance.
  • No mechanical force on components, as heat energy is used without direct contact.
  • High durability, as laser marking is insensitive to acids or alkalis, UV radiation, heat and abrasion.

cab marking lasers are designed for a wide range of applications. Laser marking allows stationary marking on metal or plastic parts in various industries:

  • Medtech: For example machine-readable codes on medical or surgical instruments. According to the guidelines for "Unique Device Identification".
  • Aerospace: Datamatrix codes on all strategic component parts, such as turbine components.
  • Electronics: For quality assurance with permanent codes and alpha-numeric characters on PCBs, terminals, switches and others.
  • Automotive: Laser marked codes for traceability of automotive components and assemblies. Allows marking contents including production data, date as well as serial, part and lot numbers, and others.

XENO 4, XENO 4S - New fiber lasers with 20, 30 or 50 Watt output power

cab XENO 4 marking lasers are diode-pumped and air-cooled. They have high beam quality and high pulse peak powers.

XENO 1 - Compact desktop system, offering little footprint and a large work area

Never has laser marking been so easy! Unpack the device, install the software, connect and get started. XENO 1 is a compact desktop system, offering little footprint and a large work area and perfectly fits with marking on metals or plastics.

XENO 3 - to mark metal and plastic plates permanently

XENO 3 is a fully equipped laser marking system offering high operating comfort for marking single plates and series.

LM+ - Mark and cut labels in different sizes out of continuous material

The laser label marker LM+ allows to precisely mark and cut labels in different sizes out of continuous material without the need of additional tools.

LSG+100E - Industrial solution that allows the marking of parts in series

The laser safety housing LSG+100 offers the industrial solution that allows the marking of parts in series with the FL+ marking laser.

FL+ - Precise, fast, economic - cab fibre lasers

cab marking lasers FL+ are diode-pumped, air-cooled and offer highest beam quality and pulse peak power. An output power of the laser source of 20 up to 50 Watt is available.

cabLase - Software for design of layouts and control marking process

All marking lasers have installed the laser marking software cabLase. Key features are: Graphic design of layouts, control of marking, monitoring marking process.

Extraction and filter systems

The extraction and filter system for laser marking systems protects the operator's health and prevents the laser room and lens from contamination.

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