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LSG+100E laser safety housing

LSG+100 LogoIndustrial solution that allows the marking of parts in series with the FL+ marking laser

The laser safety housing LSG+100E offers the industrial solution that allows the marking of parts in series with the FL+ marking laser. The robust metal design provides a large working area and enough space for the integration of laser source and industrial PC into 19“ rack mounts.

Keyboard and monitor are installed in an ergonomic way on a pivot arm. The operation door opens and closes electrical driven.


2.1 PC in 19" rack mount 4RU

2.2 Monitor 19"

2.3 Standard keyboard

2.4 Keyboard with trackball

10.3 Linear axis Z400

11.1 Rotary axis D30

11.2 3-jaw chuck D30

12.1 Axis controller 2S

13.1 Rotary table module

13.2 Laser typeplate handling on request

13.3 Roller set

Setup door
The large setup door allows easy access to the laser safety housing LSG+100E. By this, jigs may comfortably be mounted on the groove plate in the well-lit working space.

Linear axis Z400
Allows precise and fast focus adjustment. With buttons integrated in the control panel the linear axis is traversed in setup operation.

Laser safety housing LSG+100E

Laser safety housing LSG+100vergrößern

Overview: Which modules can be integrated into the different laser marking systems?

Video: THS4.2 Type Plate Handling

The Type Plate Handling THS4.2 offers - based on the approved laser safety housing LSG100 - a professional solution to fully automatically laser mark plates, mainly out of steel or plastics.

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  3.1 3.2
  Laser safety housing LSG+100E 230 V LSG+100E 120 V
Working area HxWxD mm 460x980x980
Base plate T-slot WxD mm 550x375
Pitch mm 25
Z-Axis stroke mm 440
Positioning accuracy mm 0.02
Repetitive accuracy mm +/- 0.02
Traversing speed max. mm/s 60
Interior light Low energy light bulb
Operating door Electric drive
Opening/closing time s <2
For plano-spherical lens type 100.1 160.1 254.1 420.1
Marking field mm 69x69 112x112 180x180 290x290
Working distance mm 141 202 302 541
Workpiece height max. mm 60-490 430 330 90
Workpiece weight max. kg 50
Dimensions and weight
HxWxD mm 2280x1000x1120
Laser protection window HxW mm 100x200
Mounting feet Ø mm 80
Connector extraction Ø mm 50
Rack mount for marking laser FL+ and PC 19“, 4RU
Weight kg 395
Operating data LSG+100E 230 V LSG+100E 120 V
Operating Voltage/frequency VAC/Hz 220-240/50 100-140/60
Power ON/OFF
Temperature / humidity: operation 5-40 °C/10-85 % not condensing
Temperature / humidit:y stock 0-60 °C/20-80 % not condensing
Temperature / humidit:y transport –25-60 °C/20-80 % not condensing
Laser safety class EN60825-1 Class 1
Approval CE
Control panel
LED indicators Power
Push buttons illuminated Control ON/OFF
Focus finder ON/OFF
Extraction ON/OFF
Interior light ON/OFF
Rotary axis LEFT/RIGHT
Switch E-Stop
Key switch Automatic/manual
Safety circuits Closed
Collective error Marking laser
Interlock/E-Stop FL+
Remote FL+
Digitale I/O FL+
Step motor z axis, x axis, turning-axis
Extraction and filter device AF1.1

Videos on Laser safety housing LSG+100E

THS4.2 Type plate handling Play

THS4.2 Type Plate Handling

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