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PCB magazine Series 100, 180, 300
providing 32 PCB slots


To be equipped both in vertical and horizontal orientation

The system's variable width enables individual assembly according to any PCB size.

Magazines 100, 180 and 300 mm in height are offered for the various PCBs.

32 slots in gaps of of 10 mm offer maximum packing density.

Safe guidance

Funnel-shaped slot entries ensure safe PCB insertion. Yellow position stickers indicate the exact positions and prevent from falsely inserting PCBs diagonally by hand.

Magazines Series 100 / 180 / 300 - Details

Quick and simple assembly

Quick and simple assembly

The side walls are adjustable with the help of the profile rails. Two PCBs are inserted in the outer adjusting grooves. The upper side wall has to be pressed against the PCBs and be fixed with screws.

Solid and resistant to torsion

Solid and resistant to torsion

The double-wall construction makes the side walls extremely solid. A metal tube is provided to further stiffen a side wall in the case of high mechanic and thermal forces.

Slot lock

Slot lock

To prevent from component damage when inserting PCBs in a magazine, slots that are not in use can be covered.



Boreholes and pins on the outer margins allow the magazines to be stacked. On the bottom of the side walls, molded recesses simplify the lifting.

Upright position

Upright position

Assembled PCBs need horizontal storage before soldering. For this purpose, the magazines are set upright.

Transport boxes

Transport boxes

The magazines can be inserted into standard 600 x 400 resp. 400 x 300 mm boxes for transport. Retractable carry handles simplify the insertion and removal.

Technical data 100 180 300
Material Polypropylene
Color black
Surface resistance accord. to DIN EN 61340-5-1 < 109
Slot width 2.8 mm 4 mm 3.5 mm
Slot depth 2 mm 2.5 mm 2.5 mm
Number of slots 32 32 32
Distance between PCBs 10 mm

More technical data see product brochure (PDF)


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