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PCB separator MAESTRO 4S
Stress-free separation of pre-scored PCBs

MAESTRO 4S separates both small and large PCBs quickly and economically without stress.

Key features:

  • Blade distance to be entered on the operation panel is set motor-driven.
  • Up to nine programs to be stored
  • Separation length to be continuously adjusted via limit switches
  • In terms of a preventive blade maintenance, the cutting performance is displayed.

Material: FR4 1.5 mm
Residual thickness approx. 0.6 mm

By traversing the milled groove once, tensile and compressive stresses can cause damage to sensitive components located close to the groove. A second traverse and simultaneous readjustment of the blade distance already reduces stresses considerably. The quality of the assembled PCBs improves significantly.

Dial gauge
In order to separate without stress and to achieve a long service life, the circular and linear blades have to be guided along the entire separation. The dial gauge setting and regularly checking the parallelism is assembled to the carriage.

Dial gauge

Separating aluminum

To separate aluminum with MAESTRO 4S, special adjustment is needed for the standard circular blade. For information see the operator's manual

Aluminum PCBs are manufactured in various alloys. Sample PCBs added to a request help with adjusting the circular blade and optimizing the cutting geometry.

Component height



Outside dimensions increased
after separation: typically 0.2 mm

Component height

Milled groove

The milled groove may be interrupted by cutouts.

Protruding components need a recessed linear blade.
Contact us, if required

Protruding components

Adjustment of the upper guide

In this video tutorial we show you step by step how to adjust the upper guides and the cutting length on MAESTRO 4S.

  Watch video

 More video tutorials MAESTRO 4S

Technical data 4S/450 4S/600
Separation method Component side: Circular blade
Solder side: Linear blade
Operation path-optimized, motor-driven
Separation speed 300, 500 mm/s, to be switched
Materials FR4, aluminum
Component height Component/solder side up to 34 mm
Separation length up to 450 mm up to 600 mm
Support table depth 200 mm
  Start Traverse to initial position
  Programs 9
  Separation steps 1 - 5
  Blade distance 0.9 mm - 0.05 mm
  Key switch button Unlock program selection
  Performance display up to 99 km
  DEL Step reset
  Power switch ON / OFF
  Foot switch START separation
  Safety switch E-stop
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Emission sound pressure level  LpA < 70 dB (A)
Temperature/humidity: Operation
Temperature/humidity: Stock
Temperature/humidity: Transport
+ 10 - 35°C / 10 - 85 % not condensing
0 - 60°C / 20 - 80 % not condensing
– 25 - 60°C / 20 - 80 % not condensing
Width x Height x Depth 702 x 434 x 425 mm 852 x 434 x 425 mm
Weight 38 kg 46 kg
Approvals CE, FCC Class A

For more technical data please read the product brochure (PDF)

Conveyor belt

to deposit separated PCBs individually and further transport them aside. The speed adapts to the size of the PCB. Incoming PCBs are detected by a light barrier and the belt stops.

Technical data 450 600
Conveyor belt material antistatic
Direction of movement to the right
Belt speed 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 m/min
Light barrier to be activated to stop the belt moving
Vertical distance to the linear blade 5 - 17 mm
PCB depth up to 200 mm
Belt width 170 mm
Length 1,200 mm 1,350 mm
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Temperature / humidity  Operation
Temperature / humidity  Stock
Temperature / humidity  Transport
+ 10 - 35°C / 10 - 85 % not condensing
  0 - 60°C / 20 - 80 % not condensing
 – 25 - 60°C / 20 - 80 % not condensing
Weight 14 kg
Approvals CE, FCC Class A

cab video tutorials

Adjustment of the upper guide on MAESTRO 4S Play

Adjustment of the upper guides and the cutting length on MAESTRO 4S

Changing the lower blade on MAESTRO 4S Play

Changing the lower blade on MAESTRO 4S

Changing the upper blade on MAESTRO 4S Play

Changing the Upper Blade on MAESTRO 4S



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