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Laser marking system XENO 3
to mark metal and plastic plates permanently

XENO 3 provides an integrated laser system to mark metal and plastic plates permanently.

Fiber laser beam source, control unit and operation room are incorporated in a joint laser safety housing according to protection class 1. Due to its compact design and small footprint, XENO 3 fits with desktop operations.

Markings applied by a XENO 3 remain clearly legible even in the long term in rough surroundings.

Hydraulic cylinders, engines, pumps, gears, vehicle chassis oder system components are typical items to be marked with a XENO 3.

Replace magazines enable to process different plate sizes. Plates to be processed are 40 x 20 to 120 x 100 mm in size, resp. 0,5 to 1 mm in thickness. Plate stacking is possible to heights of 50 mm. The marking can be observed through the protection window and with the help of the lit interior.

Fold-out carry handles simplify the installation of the system. With the comprehensive cabLase marking software layouts are graphically designed, markings controlled and processes monitored. The system might be remote controlled or monitored in networks in which machines interact with other machines or human beings.

In the case of metal engravings and ablation of top layers we advise you on the selection of filters.


  • 3.3 Magazine, customer-specific
  • 6.7 Extraction and filter system AF5

Video: XENO 3 Typeplate Laser Marking System

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XENO 3 is a fully equipped laser marking system offering high operating comfort for marking single plates and series.


1 Fiber laser 20 or 30 W

2 Setup door

3 Operation panel providing buttons and status display

4 Scan head, providing manual height setting and a pilot laser to preview the marking

5 Interior LED lighting

6 Extraction, integrated

7 Carry handles

Typeplate handling module

Replace magazine

10 Output magazine

Laser marking system XENO 3


XENO 3 Interfaces11 Port to connect an extraction and filter system

12 2 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s. As delivered, the device has been configured with an IP address or in DHCP mode.

13 External 24 V for additional operations

14 E-stop to integrate into external safety circuits

15 External start signal


  3.1 3.2
  Laser marking system XENO 3
Beam source Ytterbium fiber laser, pulsed
     cw output power up to W 20 30
     Pulse energy mJ 1
     Wave length nm 1,064
     Beam quality M2 <1.8
     Pulse width ns <120
     Pulse repetition frequency kHz 20 - 60 30 - 60
Pilot laser
     Wave length nm 650
     cw output power mW <0.4
Lens Type 160.2
     Operation distance mm 210 ± 8
     Marking field mm 112 x 112
Interior lighting LED
   Width x Height from mm 40 x 20
   up to mm 120 x 100
   Plate tolerance according ISO 2768-mk
   Position accuracy mm ±0.2
   Plates 0.5 mm quantity 100
   Plate thickness mm 0.5 - 1.0
Dimensions and weight
Device W x H x D mm 420 x 480 x 480
Weight approx. kg < 35
Laser protection window W x H mm 100 x 200
     Nozzle flexible hose NW mm 38
     Suction pipe NW mm 50
Back of the device 2 x Ethernet TCP/IP, Extraction and filter system AF5, external start, external E-stop
Operating data
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Standby <35 W / typical 150 W / up to 200 W
Approvals CE, FCC Class A
Laser protection class EN60825-1 Class 1
Performance Level d
Operation panel
LED displays Power, Ready, Emission, Error, Marking
Switch E-stop
Operation door open / closed
Collective error Marking laser
Extraction system
Marking software cabLase Editor 5
cabLase automation
Software operation Start
Pilot laser ON/OFF
Extraction ON/OFF

Video: XENO 3 Typeplate Laser Marking System

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