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Swing applicator 3214

For precise real-time labeling of very small to medium sized labels.

Preferred method is to apply the labels from the side.

The pad is positioned in front of the peel-off plate. The label is held by the applicator during the printing process.

A rotating cylinder turns to the labeling position. The label is positioned onto the product via stroke cylinder. Pivoting angle and linear stroke are adjustable.


Application example

Anwenderbericht Pharma

"Due to a comprehensive portfolio of products and accessories as well as the close collaboration with cab we are able to live up to individual customer demands. This is a very important criterion for us! In the present case we have opted for a cab Hermes+4 print and apply system with swing applicator 3214 and a special pad."

Marco Bigiolli, VEBICODE Label Printer & Software AG, Switzerland
Case study: Pharmaceutical bins - Hermes+ with applicator 3214

Transfer modules for swing applicator 3214

Tamp padTamp pad
Labels are precisely applied on flat, even recessed surfaces.


Tamp pad with damping pad Tamp pad with damping pad
The damping pad is used to reduce noise produced by hard surfaces and is specially suitable for surfaces with rough structure or slightly uneven. 

Tamp pad with label stop
For applying small labels the label stop ensures a very precise positioning onto the product.


Blow padBlow pad
For pressure-sensitive surfaces or products in motion. The labels are applied via air jet onto the product. The distance of 5-10mm to the product surface is set with a stop at the stroke cylinder.




Video: Hermes+ swing applicator 3214

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Pharmaceutical bins

 Labeling even when there is little space: Hermes+ with swing applicator 3214.

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Print and apply system Hermes+

Designed for fully-automated print and apply processes in production lines.

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Technical data Tamp pad Tamp pad with
damping pad
Tamp pad with
label stop
Blow pad
3214 L/R 11 F 3214 L/R 12 F 3214 L/R 61 F 3214 L/R 2100
Label width Hermes+2 mm
Label width Hermes+4 mm
4 - 58 10 - 58 10 - 58 10 - 58
10 - 114 10 - 114 10 - 114 10 - 80
Label height  Hermes+2 mm
Label height  Hermes+4 mm
5 - 80 8 - 80 5 - 80 10 - 80
8 - 80 8 - 80 8 - 80 10 - 80

not in motion during labeling
in motion during labeling




- - - standard
Labeling onto the product
                           from the side




Product height fixed standard standard standard standard
Distance of product to
peel-off plate mm
250 - 280 250 - 280 250 - 280 250 - 280
Horizontal linear guides mm 5 - 30 5 - 30 5 - 30 5 - 30
Pivoting angle 45° - 95° 45° - 95° 45° - 95° 45° - 95°
Immersion depth pad F
up to mm
30 30 30 -
Air pressure supply bar 4,5 4,5 4,5 4,5
Cycle time 1)
approx. cycles/min.
20 20 20 20
  1. Calculated at label height 40 mm, print speed 100 mm/s

Video: Hermes+ swing applicator 3214

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