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Vacuum belt applicators 5326/5426

For real-time labeling on packaging or products in motion

Labels may be applied on the product from all sides on a flat surface, on a cylinder resp. by corner wrap labeling.

The vacuum belt applicator is positioned in front of the peel-off plate. The printed label is moved to the labeling position via vacuum belt and applied on the packaging via external signal. Printing and labeling may be done simultaneously.


Sample application

Drum labeling with the
vacuum belt applicator 5426C
Hermes C print and apply system

Especially for two-color printing and applying in real-time.

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Print and apply systems: Questions to Mario Hiss

Why are the Hermes print and apply systems in automated manufacturing processes that successful?

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Technical data Vacuum belt applicator
5326C 5426C
Labeling On the surface On the surface, corner wrap or on a cylinder
Dispensing direction Left Left
Label width mm 46-174 46-174
Label height mm 80-356 80-356
Product during labeling in motion Standard Standard
Labeling on the product from top Standard Standard
Labeling on the product from below Standard -
Labeling on the product from the side Standard Standard
Product height Steady Steady
Product speed max. m/s 0.5 0.3
Distance between one product and the next min. m 1.0 0.6
Stability at application level F=mm - 10 N x factor 3
Corner wrap labeling X max. mm - 180
Labeling on a cylinder diameter min. mm - Depending on the label length
Vacuum belt speed1) mm/s 100-500 100-500
Cycle time2) max. labels/min. 15 15
Label distance to conveyor belt
when labeling from the side Y min. mm
20 20
  1. The product speed must be higher than the vacuum belt speed.
  2. Calculated at 100 mm label height/print speed 100 mm/s


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