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Front side applicator 3014, 3016

For real-time labeling on packaging in motion

The labels are preferably applied to the front or back. Labeling from top or from the side is possible.

The pad is positioned in front of the peel-off plate. The label is held during printing. The rotary cylinder applies the label on the packaging. A sensor detects the packaging and, when labeling has finished, moves back the pivot arm and pad to their initial position.

Application example front-side applicator 3014 / 3016


1 Pivot arm length

2 Pivot angle 0 - 90°


Transfer modules for front side applicator 3014, 3016

Tamp padTamp pad
Labels are precisely tamped on plain surfaces, even recessed.


Spring-mounted tamp padTamp pad spring-mounted
The spring-mounted suction plate allows labeling on inclined surfaces up to 15°. Deviation in height in the area of the label may not exceed 10 mm.

Blow padBlow pad
With 5 to 10 mm distance to the product surface, air jet blows the labels onto the product.



Video: Print and Apply System Hermes+ with front-side applicator 3014/3016

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Print and apply system Hermes Q

Designed for fully-automated print and apply processes in production lines.

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Why are the Hermes print and apply systems in automated manufacturing processes that successful?

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The device is designed to use on a cab printer of the HERMES Q and Hermes+ series.

Technical data Tamp pad Tamp pad spring-mounted Blow pad
3014, 3016 L/R 1100 3014, 3016 L/R 3100 3014 L/R 2100
Label width HERMES Q4/Q4.3 mm
Label width
HERMES Q6.3 mm
25 - 114 80 - 114 25 - 114
25 - 174 80 - 174 -
Label height  HERMES Q4/Q4.3 mm
Label height 
HERMES Q6.3 mm
 8- 250 80 - 250 10 - 100
25 - 250 80 - 250 25 - 100
during labeling not in motion 
during labeling in motion 

Product labeling
                           from top
                          from the side
                          from the front
                          from the back
Product height    variable standard
Pivot arm length1) mm 200 / 300 / 400
Pivot angle 0-90°
Compressed air  bar 4.5
Cycle time 2)
approx. labels/min.
  1. Pivot arm length is defined as the accessible 90° label position (lower edge of the label) below the footprint of HERMES Q / Hermes+.
  2. Calculated with pivot arm length 200 mm, label height 100 mm, print speed 100 mm/s

Video: Hermes+ front-side applicator 3014 / 3016

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Other formats


Download players:

3D models for this applicator in STEP format you can find in documentation of HERMES Q and Hermes+.


You need Adobe Reader to view the PDF-files.     Download current version of Adobe Reader

Hermes+ 3D CAD models

We offer Hermes+ 3D CAD models with different applicators in stp file format.

Download 3D CAD models

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