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Labeling head IXOR
The smallest servo-driven labeling head in its performance class

  • Servo motor drive unit
  • Labels can be applied on products or packaging fast and precisely.
  • Modular construction kit
  • Extremely flat design: chassis depth 54 mm, ideal for assembly in labeling machines
  • Smartphone-like, intuitive user navigation
  • LAN and WLAN interfaces
  • Structural widths 62 to 310 mm
  • Zero downtime possible through a redundant system

Mechanically, IXOR can be ideally integrated in fully automatic labeling machines by means of a modular construction kit – or it can be assembled to the conveyor belt of a production line by means of a wide range of accessorial stands. Thus, pre-printed labels can be applied on products or packaging fast and precisely.

The control unit is integrated in the device, a separate control cabinet is not required. The base unit is provided in four widths, as left hand or right hand version. Unwinders enable processing of label rolls with 410 mm maximum outside diameter.

Future-proof investment

IXOR with mobile

IXOR is a key component for smart production. LAN and WLAN interfaces enable the labeling head to be connected to the superior control units of machines.

MQTT ensures cross-platform and future-proof communication. Modbus, OPC-UA and Ethernet/IP are available on demand. Protocols are kept simple and lean, machine and plant data can be submitted event-driven. In case data values have changed, data updates are possible in real time.

Remote operation with a smartphone, tablet or PC is possible at any time. The intuitive web interface allows backup, restore and updates.


Label sensor CEON

Label sensor CEONto detect particularly thin or transparent label materials

When self-adhesive labels are applied automatically, paper or plastic materials are in use depending on the requirement. The range includes particularly thin, transparent or metallized labels.

The intelligent CEON label sensor on the labeling head supports reliable identification and precise positioning of all conventional label materials.

Good reasons for choosing CEON:

  • Easy assembly directly on the peel-off plate
  • Detection of all label materials at any mesh width
  • Precise detection even at very high dispensing speeds up to 8,000 inches/min
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Comfortable sensor balance by means of the AutoTeach function directly on the IXOR
  • Operating voltage 15 to 30 VDC
  • Push-pull output: PNP, NPN, 40mA, short-circuit proof

More information label sensor CEON

Types labeling head IXOR


Labeling head 124 L vertical assembly, Unwinder D310V 124 Lvergrößern
1.1 Labeling head 124 L vertical assembly
2.1 Unwinder D310V 124 L
Labeling head 124 R vertical assembly, Unwinder D310V 124 Rvergrößern
1.1 Labeling head 124 R vertical assembly
2.1 Unwinder D310V 124 R
Labeling head 124 L vertical assembly, Unwinder D410V 124 Lvergrößern
1.1 Labeling head 124 L vertical assembly
2.2 Unwinder D410V 124 L
Labeling head186 L horizontal assembly, Unwinder D410H 186 Lvergrößern
1.2 Labeling head 186 L horizontal assembly
2.2 Unwinder D410H 186 L
Label sensor CEON

to detect particularly thin or transparent label materials.

Reliable identification and precise positioning

IXOR Functions
Labeling head 124 L,
for label rolls up to 310 mm diameter

1 Unwinder
to process label rolls up to 310 mm (optionally 410 mm) outside diameter. Constant label web tension is enabled by the swing lever and an integrated brake mechanism.

2 Roll holder
By turning the handle, the core of the label roll is tightened and loosened.

3 Basic unit
made of cast aluminum. Basis to assemble all components. The chassis possesses protection class IP66, NEMA 250 type 12. Also included is the highly dynamic and high-torque servo motor drive unit.

4 Peel-off plate
Customized configuration is possible by means of an extensive modular construction kit.

5 Operation panel
Colored 3.5“ LCD touch display; In case of overhead assembly the display can be rotated by 180°.

6 Rewinder
When all the labels have been dispensed, the liner tape is rewound. Constant liner tape tension after the drive roller is enabled by the swing lever and an intergrated coupling.

More specific informationen to operation panel, software features and interfaces please see IXOR product catalog.

Overview technical data IXOR (PDF)

  Structural width
Labeling head 124 mm 186 mm 248 mm 310 mm
Performance data
Label web speed up to m/min
Label web speed up to ipm
25 / 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 - depending on device type
1,000 / 2,000 / 4,000 / 8,000 - depending on device type
Labels on roll Paper, plastics PET, PE, PP, PVC
Thickness mm / weight g/m2 0.055 - 1 / 60 - 700
Width Labels1) up to mm 120 182 244 306
Width Liner up to mm 124 186 248 310
Label length mm 5 - 6,000
Label roll Outer diameter 310/410 mm (12"/16") 410 mm (16")
Label roll Core diameter 76 mm (3")
Label roll Winding outside or inside
Weight up to kg 15
Labeling head sizes and weights
Height x Width
with supply roll 310 mm / min. mm

600 x 600

with supply roll 410 mm / min. mm 700 x 680 825 x 925
Depth mm 266 328 390 452
Weight min. kg 14 14.5 15 32
Device data
Drive AC servo motor
Operation panel QVGA-resoluted LCD color display
Masterencoder (option) 24 V HTL, signal A + B
Orientation of assembly vertical/horizontal
Label sensor
Method Transmitted light, inductive, capacitive2), ultrasonic2)
Function For label edge detection and end of material
Digital I/O 17 pin, 24 V PNP for signal exchange with master controller (galvanically isolated)
Analog Analog inputs (0 - 10 V / 0 - 24 V) for parameters SPEED, START, STOP
combined with a PLC or potentiometer installed by the customer (galvanically isolated)
LAN MQTT, Modbus2), Ethernet/IP2), OPC-UA2)
WLAN WLAN 802.11 b, g, n, 150 MBit/s, 2.4 GHz
Peripherals (APPLY) 12 pin, for USB warning light and applicator (24 V PNP, galvanically isolated)
End of label web sensor 5 pin, 24 V PNP or cab end of label web sensor
Start and stop sensor 5 pin each, 24 V PNP (galvanically isolated)
Product speed synchronization 5 pin, 24 V PNP synchronization signal externally or from masterencoder (galvanically isolated), masterencoder as an option
Serial (option) RS232/RS485
Operating data
Mains supply primarily TN and TT grids
Protection class Class I equipment
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 120 V: 4 A / 230 V: 2 A
External fusing 120 V: minimum 6 A slow, maximum 20 A / 230 V: minimum 3 A slow, maximum 16 A
Leakage current EN 60950: 260 V / 60 Hz: 2.6 mA
Type of protection IEC 60529: IP 66, UL 50 type 12, NEMA 250 type 12
Temperature / humidity Operation 0 - 40 °C / 10 - 85 % not condensing
Temperature / humidity Storage 0 - 60 °C / 20 - 80 % not condensing
Temperature / humidity Transport –25 - 60 °C / 20 - 80 % not condensing
Approvals CE, ICES 3, CB, c UL us, FCC class A, IC
Operation panel
LED bottons ON and FEED
LCD graphic display Width x Height mm 54 x 70
Settings Language settings, device settings, interfaces, formats memory for 100 products
On display Operational and warning messages
Monitoring / test routines
Label web Pre-warning to end of label web, end of label web, label web broken
Drive Torque, temperature, power supplies, currents
Electrical outputs Protection from overload, short circuit, reverse polarity
System Diagnostics control when device is switched on, integrated menu for I/O testing

Overview technical data IXOR (PDF)

  1. The label size is further defined by the type of the applicator. Limitations may apply to small labels, thin materials or strong adhesives. These applications have to be tested in advance.
  2. on request


Which accessories fit to which model you can see in overview all accessories IXOR product catalog.




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