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Demand module 5114

For serial labeling of packaging in motion

For serial labeling of packaging in motion. The variable guide pulley enables to adjust the label position at the dispensing tongue.

Labels may be applied from all sides. Printing and labeling is done simultaneously.

Speed of the conveyor belt needs to be adapted to the print speed.

Application example demand module 5114

Print and apply system Hermes+

Designed for fully-automated print and apply processes in production lines.

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Technical data Demand module 5114 L/R
Label width Hermes+4 mm 25 - 114
Label height mm 25 - 250
Distance print line to peel-off plate mm 400 – 600
Product in motion during labeling standard
Labeling onto the product from top standard
Labeling onto the product from the side standard
Labeling onto the product from below standard
Product height  fixed standard
Product distance to lower edge mm 80
Product speed mm/s needs to correspond to the print speed / 50 – 250 in steps of 25
Cycle time1) approx. cycles/min. 60
  1. Label height 100 mm, print speed 100 mm/s


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