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Exclusively designed for cab printers

 cab thermal transfer ribbons

Different requirements are placed on labels. A shipping label may only need to be identifiable for a few days. The typeplate of a washing machine, on the other hand, has a life cycle.
Can the label get wet or is it only needed under dry conditions? Should the label withstand mechanical or thermal stress?
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All these factors can now be represented with a simple, clear system, the cab transfer ribbon range: three wax qualities, three resin-wax qualities and three resin qualities that meet 99% of all requirements.

Wax transfer ribbons

Wax ribbons scale

Rough or smooth paper labels for short-term applications in shipping and logistics.

Wax ribbons have a small amount of resin to optimize smudge resistance and moisture resistance. The cab W11 thermal transfer ribbon has a very low resin content. This makes it very cost effective. If you want to print on smooth paper (coated), you should choose between W71 and W91, as they already deliver more smudge-resistant results when graded upwards.

Technical data:   W11   |   W71   |   W91

Wax/resin transfer ribbons

Mix ribbon scale

Labels made of paper or synthetic material for mid-range applications in goods transport, foodstuffs or the laboratory and medical sectors.

Resin-wax ribbons offer a mix of both worlds and are often the sensible alternative in the medium price segment. The resin content of the M11 is in the lower third and makes it interesting for more upscale paper labels. Excellent results can already be achieved with the M91 on synthetic label materials. When using different label surfaces, the M71 can prove to be a suitable "hybrid transfer film" with an optimum price/performance ratio.

Technical data:   M11   |   M71   |   M91

Resin transfer ribbons

Resin ribbon scale

Synthetic material labels for long-term applications in the chemical, electronics and automotive industries.

Resin ribbons are designed for printed images with the highest stress. Here, too, cab offers three qualities. These are also graded in ascending order and the R91 thus offers the highest durability, very high smear and scratch resistance as well as resistance to solvents. Resin ribbons can achieve particularly durable printing results, especially on very smooth label surfaces. The best printing results can be achieved when printing on labels made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET).

Benefits of cab thermal transfer ribbons

  • Print heads and resources are protected
  • Perfect print characteristics for 99 % of all applications
Thermal transfer ribbon layers

1 Color layer

Premium wax, resin-wax, resin mixtures

2 Liner film

Optimized thermal conductivity: Ultra-thin polyester requires minimal heat energy on a printer, protecting the environment.

3 Backcoating

Optimized sliding qualities protect from friction and electrostatic charge.

We are happy to advise you

Our team will help you find the right transfer ribbon for your application.
Sale to commercial customers only. Minimum quantity is the respective packaging unit.

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Video: Labels and thermal transfer ribbons

What has to be considered?

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Standard range*

Running length 360 m / coated side in (CSI) / black

WAX 25 mm 40 mm 55 mm 65 mm 76 mm  90 mm 110 mm 165 mm 220 mm
W11     5557200.133   5557201.133 5557202.133 5557203.133 5557204.133  
W71     5557206.133 5557207.133 5557208.133 5557209.133 5557210.133 5557211.133  
W91     5557212.133   5557213.133 5557214.133 5557215.133   5557216.133
MIX 25 mm 40 mm 55 mm 65 mm 76 mm  90 mm 110 mm 165 mm 220 mm
M11     5557300.133   5557301.133 5557302.133 5557303.133 5557304.133  
M71     5557305.133 5557306.133 5557307.133 5557308.133 5557309.133 5557310.133  
M91     5557311.133   5557312.133 5557313.133 5557314.133   5557315.133
RESIN 25 mm 40 mm 55 mm 65 mm 76 mm 90 mm 110 mm 165 mm 220 mm
R11             5557400.133    
R71 5557401.133   5557402.133 5557403.133 5557404.133   5557405.133 5557406.133  
R91 5557407.133   5557408.133            
TEXTILE 25 mm 35 mm 55 mm 65 mm 76 mm 90 mm 110 mm 165 mm 220 mm
T91 5557500.133 5557501.133 5557502.133            

Learn more:

Thermal transfer ribbon standard range in PDF

* Further lengths 450 m / 600 m, more colors and coated side out (CSO) on request.

Video: Labels and thermal transfer ribbons - what has to be considered?

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