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Wrap-around applicator WICON

 in preparation

Cylindric items of diameters 2 mm to 16 mm, such as single wires, strands, cables, hoses, tubes or round rods, can be labeled with the wrap-around applicator.

Data blocks on labels are protected persistently from environmental impacts by transparent laminate.

Items inserted horizontally are set by centering panels. Items can be aligned 25 mm to 100 mm (1“ to 4“) distant to a label margin, using a stop.

The cycle time for printing and wrapping is 1.8 - 6 seconds, depending on the number of wraps.

Operation starts as soon as an item has been inserted, triggered by a foot switch, a data or I/O interface. A label is printed and then picked up by the applicator. The wrapper head identifies the diameter of the item. The size of a label determines how many times a label will be wrapped around.

The slot to insert or remove items is covered by a finger guard during processing.

Only wrap-around labels provided by the manufacturer guarantee proper applications. Item surfaces must be clean and free of lubricants.

Pivoting the applicator enables label rolls or ribbons be replaced easily.

In cases of errors to fix, such as label jams, opening the service door provides access to the wrapper head.

Label printer SQUIX with WICON, pivoted
Wrap-around applicator WICON
Item Diameter mm 2.0 - 16.0
Item Length mm at least 132
Item Centering panel distant to left or right mm 124
Item Label margin distant to centering panel mm 12.7
Item Label margin distant to product by stop mm 25 - 100
Item Deflection as for a length of 124 mm mm max. 1
Label Width mm 12.7 - 50.8
Label Height mm 19.1 - 70.0
Label Material PVC
Applicator Rates as for printing and applying a label s 1.8 - 6
Applicator No. of wrap-arounds 2 - 10
Start as soon as an item has been inserted by hand
via data interface
via I/O interface
Label printer SQUIX 4/MP
Material guidance on the printer centered
Print method Thermal transfer
Print resolution dpi 300 600
Print speed mm/s max. 200 150
Print width mm max. 105.7
Material finishing Roll diameter mm max. 205
Material finishing Core diameter mm 76
Wrap-around applicator WICON guide ruler

Label margins are 12.7 mm distant to the centering panel. By moving the applicator, the wheel is aligned from the carrier material to the marking is aligned.

Label margins can be set 25 mm to 100 mm distant to an item using the stop.

  • The stop rotates by 180°.
  • The narrow side fits with small product diameters.
  • With product diameters 5 mm or more, the wider side is recommended.
Pos. Part no. Label printers
1.1 SQUIX MP 5977007

SQUIX 4/300MP label printer

SQUIX 4/600MP label printer
xxxxxxx.250 with options been assembled
Pos. Part no. Applicator
3.1 WICON wrap-around applicator 5988000 WICON wrap-around applicator
Pos. Part no. Optional equipment  
2.1 Print roller DR4-M30 5953700.xxx DR4-M30 print roller with labels up to 19.1 mm wide Small materials require adapted print rollers. These prevent from errors in feeding.
2.2 Print roller DR4-M60 5953701.xxx DR4-M60 print roller with labels up to 50.8 mm wide
2.3 Digital I/O interface 24 VDC 5977767.xxx Digital I/O interface 24 VDC Print jobs are triggered by a PLC or a foot switch. Status reports and errors are indicated simultaneously.
xxx - .250 assembled to a printer
.001 separate delivery
Pos. Part no. Accessory
2.4 Foot switch 5955711 Foot switch

Wrap-around labels

Wrap-around labels

Product diameter D1
Up to this value, a data block captures the circumference of an item.

Product diameter D2
Up to this value, the protective laminate captures the data block.

Data blocks on labels are protected persistently from contamination and wear by transparent laminate.

The labels can be removed by hand from the peel-off plate on a printer or applied by the wrap-around applicator to items.

Labels are wound in single lanes. Rolls are packed individually.

With labels 19.1 mm to 63.5 m mm high (H), items of diameters 2 mm to 16 mm can be labeled. Using labels 70 mm high, the smallest possible item diameter is 6 mm.

Part no. Data block
Item Ø Label width B mm Data block
height P mm
Label height H mm No. of labels
on a roll
R71 resin ribbon
mm at least
Part no.
5780120.130 white 2.0 4.0 12.7 6.4 19.1 7,450 25 5557401.133
5780121.130 white 2.0 4.0 25.4 6.4 19.1 7,450 55 5557402.133
5780122.130 white 3.0 5.0 25.4 9.5 25.4 5,800 55 5557402.133
5780128.130 white 4.0 8.0 12.7 12.7 38.1 4,000 25 5557401.133
5780129.130 white 4.0 8.0 19.1 12.7 38.1 4,000 55 5557402.133
5780130.130 white 4.0 8.0 25.4 12.7 38.1 4,000 55 5557402.133
5780131.130 white 4.0 8.0 50.8 12.7 38.1 4,000 55 5557402.133
5780133.130 white 6,0 14.0 25.4 19.1 63.5 2,450 55 5557402.133
5780135.130 white 6.0 14.0 38.1 19.1 63.5 2,450 55 5557402.133
5780136.130 white 6.0 16.0 25.4 19.1 70.0 2,250 55 5557402.133
5780137.130 white 6.0 16.0 50.8 19.1 70.0 2,250 55 5557402.133

Labels can be provided in further sizes or colors upon request.


One ribbon roll serves for printing two rolls of wrap-around labels.



Part no. Width mm Length m
5557401.133 25 360
5557402.133 55 360
Material: R71 resin, black, inside color layer


Material finishing roll
80 μm
-40 to +110 °C
-40 to +80 °C with UL approval
indoor, outdoor
water, dirt, petrol, oils, alcohol, detergents, UV light
UL 969 in preparation
outside diameter max. 205 mm
core diameter 76 mm
Scopes of delivery, designs and technical data correspond to the date of this publication. They are subject to change.


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