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New print module PX Q

The PX Q print and peel-off module has been designed specifically for printing and labeling fully automatically in industrial applications. It can be integrated in any orientation of assembly to solve even complex marking tasks.

for industrial use

cabPROTECT - Data security in label printing

cab systems developed for printing and applying labels provide proper features by default, fairly protecting your data in a network.

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Tube labeling system AXON 2

Labeling tubes reliably in real time. Tube labeling system AXON 2 suits for labeling tubes individually as a manual workstation or integrated in sample processing systems.

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Products need labeling

For any requirement a proper solution: since more than 40 years cab develops and manufactures solutions and a large amount of accessories for product marking. The product range includes label printers, print & apply systems, label dispensers and marking laser systems. In addition, cab provides ribbons and labels for the perfect imprint. Product marking - Made in Germany.

Label software cablabel S3

The software, developed by cab, opens the full potential of cab devices.

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Marking lasers FL+ series

Diode-pumped ytterbium fiber lasers ensure highest beam quality.

Precise, economic, fast

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