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cab label printers for textile labeling

In textile industries, various regulations ask for identification free of errors. Think of indicators of fiber composition, resiliencies, care, and more. Manufacturers and retailers must ensure that products in circulation have been labeled correctly. Work clothing or other worn garment must be traceable throughout all cleaning processes. When cleaned or otherwise cared for textiles are picked, misreading or mixing up must be avoided. As a result, labeling textiles or their packaging requires optimized printing systems.

Care tags

Textile labels with cab label printers

The cab XD4T printer is capable of printing labels for sewing on clothing. For example, data, numbers and barcodes may be added to pre-printed label webs. The label material is printed on its front and back sides, then cut using accessories attached, and, if required, stacked. If printing is required only on one side of a textile material, the MT model of the SQUIX printer series is the chosen one. When printing large quantities at high heating energy, a separator enables reliable processes also with this printer.

On this topic:

XD4T label printer / successor XD Q

SQUIX MT label printer

Name tags

Label printer SQUIX printing name tags

Adhesive labels made of acetate silk reliably stick on clothing and can be detached without leaving residues. The surface structure of the fabric suites for thermal transfer printing. Nonetheless, special treatment is required.

cab usually provides textile printers of the SQUIX series with a centered material guidance and a separator. During printing, the latter separates the ribbon reliably from the material. After printing, a brush discharges electrostatic charge. Separated labels can be ejected to a tray assembled to the printer. When printing labels of little heights, in order to avoid material waste in the form of blank labels between print jobs, cab designed on behalf of an engineering competition at the Hockenheim race car circuit a special SQUIX solution.

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SQUIX label printer

Formula Student sample case, Hockenheim (Germany)

cab print and apply system in use for items in dry-cleaning

Print and apply system at Geiger Textil, Bad Saeckingen (Germany)

Professional dry-cleaning of work, casual and evening clothing, curtains, carpets, blankets or upholstery takes various operational steps. First, each item is checked and sorted. Stains are removed manually. Then, items are having a bath in a washer resp. cleaning machine. Freshly cleaned, they gets dried and pressed. Wrapped in protective foil, they are finally identified with a unique label.

All cab printers are capable of label printing. As for the HERMES models, cab has developed various applicators to apply the printed labels automatically to packaged items. The slim design of a HERMES simplifies integration in cleaning sites wherever needed. In case the product or application change, the module to apply labels can be replaced in few steps. Labels can be tamped or rolled on items steady or in motion, or blown on without contact. No matter if operations require labels be applied vertically or horizontally – HERMES provides solutions for any task and is available worldwide thanks to standardization. This is an attribute unique on the market.

On this topic:

Putzerei Klaus sample case, Vienna (Austria)

Geiger Textil sample case, Bad Saeckingen (Germany)

Secure data


No later than integrating components to a network, when administration and authentication are required, the protection of personal data becomes a key issue. cab label printing systems provide all common protocols to protect data in a network.

On this topic:

cabPROTECT - Data security in label printing

February 2021

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