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SQ 3200 applicator

Labels applied in real time

SQ 3200 attached to a SQUIX peel-off printer is economic, whether operated semi-automated or integrated to a manufacture plant.

Printed labels are set 45° to 95° to the horizontal by a rotary cylinder and applied automatically to an item by a short stroke cylinder.

Life cycles, pre-dispense, compressed air regulation, reliable processes and supporting air (Blow tube for supporting air not included in delivery) correspond to SQ 1000.

Applicator SQ 3200
Operated with SQUIX 2, SQUIX 4.3, SQUIX 4, SQUIX 4.3 M, SQUIX 4 M
Rotary cylinder 45°- 90°
Stroke cylindermm max. 30
Depth F of a pad immersing mm max. 5
Weight packaging excludedkg 4.5
Consumption of powerW max. 15
Compressed airbar 4.5
Cycle rate approx.1) 20 labels/min
  1. calculated using labels 40 mm high and a print speed of 100 mm/s

Tamp-on pads, blow-on pads
They are manufactured according to the size of a label.

  Tamp-on pad Blow-on pad
A3200-1100 A3200-2100
Operated with SQUIX 2 SQUIX 4.3, 4 SQUIX 2 SQUIX 4.3, 4
Label widthmm 4 - 63 10 - 116 10 - 63 10 - 116
Label heightmm 6 - 80 10 - 80
Surface of an item flat
State of an item at the moment a label is applied at rest at rest or in motion


Video: Label printer SQUIX with applicator S3200

designed for industrial application
Note: The video shows the predecessor model S3200.

  Watch video

3D models for this applicator in STEP format you can find in documentation of SQUIX.


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