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S1000 applicator

Apply labels in real time
S1000 attached to a SQUIX peel-off printer is economic, whether operated semi-automated or integrated in vertical orientation to a manufacture plant. Labels are applied to an item by a stroke cylinder.

 Applicator S1000-220 S1000-300 S1000-400
Operated with SQUIX 2, SQUIX 4.3, SQUIX 4, SQUIX 4.3 M, SQUIX 4 M, SQUIX 6.3
Cylinder stroke mm 220 300 400
Weight packaging excluded kg 4.5 5 5
Consumption of power W max. 15
Stroke of a pad as calculated below a unitmm 64 144 244
Compressed air bar 4.5
Performancelabels/min approx.1) 25
  1. calculated at a stroke of 100 mm below a unit, using labels 100 mm high and a print speed of 100 mm/s

Video: Label printer SQUIX with applicator S1000

A stroke cylinder applies the labels to products.

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S1000 applicator

SQUIX Applikator S1000

1 Long life cycles: The ball bearing guide bars are low wear.

2 Different levels of application: By providing different lengths of stroke for the cylinder, labels can be applied on various heights to an item.

3 Compressed air regulation: Micro filters prevent from contamination. Decompression keeps the quality of label applications consistently high.

4 Reliable processes: Supporting air, intake air and stroke speeds can all be set. The pressing force can be reduced to less than 10N (1kg) in sensitive operations. Purging the intake ducts subsequent to every label application prevents from contamination.

5 A wide range of sizes: Labels 25 mm to 176 mm wide and 25 mm to 200 mm high can be applied.

6 Supporting air: It enables labels be blown onto a pad.

7 Pad: Labels are transferred to a pad and held there by vacuum. A stroke cylinder moves the pad with the labels to an item.

Label applications can be verified by the touch of a button. Printing is triggered on a first touch and the printed label is transferred to the applicator. The label is applied on a second touch.

Video: Label printer SQUIX with applicator S1000

A stroke cylinder applies the labels to products.

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3D models for this applicator in STEP format you can find in documentation of SQUIX.


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