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Air jet box 6114

For quickly labeling in motion or not in motion

The labels are sucked by a fan and blown off via powerful air jet through nozzles. Depending from the label size, the maximum distance between the product and the peel-off plate is 200 mm.

Application example Air jet box

Template1 Template

to cover the suction and air jet holes around the label

It is pre-scored in a hole pattern of 8 x 8 mm and can be easily adapted to the label size. By sliding in between the suction block and the slide bars, the area around the label is covered. Five templates are included in the scope of delivery.

6114 inversion
Technical data Air jet box 6114 L/R
Label width Hermes+ 4 mm 50 -114 smaller sizes on request
Label height mm 50 -125 smaller sizes on request
Product during labeling not in motion standard
Product during labeling in motion standard
Labeling on the product from top standard
Labeling on the product from below standard
Labeling on the product from the side standard
Product height variable standard
Product distance to peel-off plate up to mm 200
Compressed air bar 4.5 - 6
Cycle time1) up to labels/min. 120
  1. Calculated with label height 30 mm, print speed 250 mm/s


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