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Air jet box 6114

Labels can be applied to packages in motion or at rest

Each label is sucked by a fan and blown off by a powerful blast of air coming through aligned nozzles. Depending from the size of a label, a maximum distance of 200 mm can be bridged between a package and the peel-off plate.

Application example Air jet box

Template1 Template

to cover all the holes sucking or blo wing off air outside a label

By holes provided pre-scored on an 8 x 8 mm pattern, a template can be adapted easily to the size of a label. Sliding in the template between the suction block and rails covers the surface outside a label. Scope of delivery includes five templates.

6114 inversion

Video: Hermes+ Applicator 6114 (Air Jet Box)

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The device is designed to use on a cab printer of the HERMES Q and Hermes+ series.

Air jet box  6114 L/R
Label widths HERMES operating a Q4/Q4.3 mm 50 -114 smaller sizes can be provided on request
Label heights mm 50 -125 smaller sizes can be provided on request
State of a package    at rest standard
at the moment a label is applied in motion standard
Label applications from the top standard
Label applications from below standard
Label applications from the side standard
Package heights      variable standard
Distance of a package to the peel-off plate up to mm 200
Weight of air jet box packaging excluded kg 4
Consumption of power W max. 90
Compressed air     bar 4.5 - 6
Cycle rate1) labels/min up to 100
  1. calculated using labels 50 mm high, a print speed of 250 mm/s, a blast of air lasting 100 ms, with p ackages located 100 mm to the peel-off plate.

Video: Hermes+ Applicator 6114 (air jet box)

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3D models for this applicator in STEP format you can find in documentation of HERMES Q and Hermes+.


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