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Print and apply systems

Different applicators allow the label to be applied via roll-on, blow-on or tamp-on to a product or packaging.

Print and apply systems

cab print and apply systems are designed for automated print and apply processes in production lines. Different applicators allow the label to be applied via roll-on, blow-on or tamp-on to a product or packaging.

Print and apply systems Hermes+, Hermes C

Hermes+ - print and apply

The Hermes+ is designed for fully-automated print and apply processes in production lines. Precise label positioning and a robust design make the Hermes+ the choice for industrial labeling applications.

Hermes+ applicators

For the precise applying in real time. The precision guide enables the labels to be applied or blown on the product with great accuracy.

Hermes C - two-color print and apply

Hermes C is the first labeling system worldwide to print and apply two-color labels in one operation. It has been developed and optimized especially for applications corresponding to the new Classification and Labeling Inventory according to GHS.

Hermes C applicators

For real-time labeling on packaging or products. Labels may be applied on the product from all sides.

Applicators for label printers SQUIX and A+

SQUIX applicators

The applicators combined with a SQUIX is a cost-effective solution for all dispensing printers in semi-automatic operation or when vertically integrated in a production line.

A+ series applicators

The A1000 and A3200 represent in combination with the thermal printers A2+, A4+ and A6+ the inexpensive solution both for semi-automatic labeling and for the integration into automated production lines.

Labeling heads

IXOR - high-performance labeling head

High-performance labeling head driven by a servo motor. Pre-printed labels can be fast and accurately applied on products or packaging.

Print modules

PX print module - for industrial environments

The PX series has been designed for fully automatic print and apply in technically demanding environment. PX enables printing /applying in any position and can be integrated in every production line.

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