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Overview marking laser systems

In this overview you can see which modules can be integrated into the different laser marking systems.
LM+ LSG+65 LSG+100 THS+Basic THS+M
    LM+ LSG+65 LSG+100E THS+Basic THS+M
1.1 Marking laser FL+T 20 W  
1.2 Marking laser FL+T 30 W  
2.1 Marking laser FL+R 10 W      
2.2 Marking laser FL+R 20 W
2.3 Marking laser FL+R 30 W
2.4 Marking laser FL+R 50 W        
3.1 Plano-spherical lens F-Theta 100.1      
3.3 Plano-spherical lens F-Theta 160.1
3.6 Plano-spherical lens F-Theta 254.1    
3.9 Plano-spherical lens F-Theta 420.1        
4.1 PC in 19“ rack mount 4RU
4.2 Monitor 19“
4.3- 4.6 Keyboard USB
5.3 External rewinder ER 4/300 LM        
5.5, 6.7 Mobile cart      
7.3 Linear axis X400        
7.4 Rotary axis ZD30      
7.7 Axis controller 2S        
7.8 Rotary table module RTM650        
7.9 Typeplate handling on request        
10.1-10.2 Extraction and filter device AF1.1

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