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What’s the reason for adhesive ooze on a label?

This might happen when labels are equipped with a heavy coat weight of adhesive, the adhesive is pressed out because of low viscosity or rewinding of the label roll too tightly. As a result there are deposits of adhesive on all deflecting rollers and labels can no longer be properly dispensed.

This type of label material cannot be used for automated print and apply. Care must be taken to ensure that before changing to reliable media all rollers and the print head must be cleaned properly.

Valid for: A-Series , M-Series , A+ Series , MACH Series , Gemini Series , e-Series , Apollo Series , PX Series , Hermes Series , Hermes A Series , XD , Hermes + Series , XC , EOS 1, EOS 4 , SQUIX , EOS 2, EOS 5 , XC Q , Hermes Applicators , A / A+ Applicators , MACH 4S , HERMES Q , XD Q

Last change: 21.03.2024 - 14:50

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