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Plug-and-play using OPC UA
Interface modeled by cab for robotics operations of tomorrow

robot solutions with cab labelling systems

"We are programmed just to do.

Anything you want us to.

We are the robots." (Kraftwerk, 1978)

Smart systems and components that handle workflows in which embedded processors, sensors and network technology are included: We at cab have been pursuing this concept for many years. Development and manufacture activities are focused accordingly, so are commercial processes. We have just digitally modeled an interface to enable current cab label printing systems be used immediately in automation and robotics solutions. cab printers are therefore integrated to the XITO software provided by Toolify, a startup company based in Southern Germany. The printers thus comply with other modules of the XITO marketplace kit. Individual integration to process technology can be realized cost-effectively and just requires plug-and-play, that is, minimum effort.

How cab establishes a new digital sales channel using XITO (in German)

"With the help of XITO, developing individual modules accelerates by up to 30 percent. Robots or applications are implemented up to 95 percent more efficiently." Roman Schnider introduces the solution:

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How Daimler TSS develops solutions for versatile manufacture (in German)

Operations in which cab printers integrate to XITO are already running. A testing framework of the Daimler group IT subsidiary makes use of a SQUIX printer added by an applicator.
Case study: https://xito.one/stories/daimler-tss.html

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Further robot applications with a HERMES Q print and apply system

Labeling non-moving objects with the help of a robot Play

Labeling non-moving objects with the help of a robot

Labeling moving objects with the help of a robot Play

Labeling moving objects with the help of a robot

cab and the Smart Factory

Ready to interact with machines and components of different manufacturers in industrial plants.

Networked labeling with OPC UA

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