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Navigate in more than 30 languages

User languages

Our customers expect our printers to be easy to use - intuitive and without language barriers. That's what we offer. The devices can be operated in more than 30 languages. This is unique on the market. Details below

Language Control panel Windows driver cablabel S3
European Union
Bulgarian X X X
Danish X X  
German X X X
Estonian X X  
Finnish X X  
French X X X
Greek X X  
English X X X
Italian X X X
Croatian X X  
Latvian X X  
Lithuanian X X  
Dutch X X  
Polish X X X
Portuguese X X  
Romanian X X  
Swedish X X  
Slovak X X  
Slowenian X X  
Spanish X X X
Czech X X X
Hungarian X X  
Europe (Non-EU)
Macedonian X X  
Norwegian X X  
Russian X X X
Serbian X X  
Turkish X X  
Chinese (simplified) X X X
Chinese (traditional) X X X
Japanese   X  
Korean   X X
Thai X X  
Middle East
Arabian X    
Persian X    

* This information applies to cab label printers EOS2, EOS5, MACH 4S, SQUIX, XC Q, XD Q, HERMES Q, PX Q and AXON1, AXON 2

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