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cab printers support ZPL II

cab printers support ZPL II

It is possible to process ZPL II print data with cab printing systems1). Your label application benefits:

  • cab printers integrate easily in any working area that generates and processes ZPL II data.
  • You can continue using existing ZPL labels and templates. There is no need to adapt, re-design or re-qualify such labels in manufacture processes.
  • Text printing with fonts, barcodes and graphics internal to ZPL II true to the original
  • Depending on the manufacturer, the position of a print image on a label may differ. Such differences can be compensated by alignments on the control panel of a cab printer.
  • Each data interface on a cab printer (LPR, FTP, RawIP, USB) can be configured separately for JScript or ZPL II, either on the operation panel or remote via integrated web interface.
  • ZPL II is interpreted natively on a cab printer. No additional software or middleware are required.

ZPL II commands, for which cab printing systems do not provide equivalents, are ignored when executing a print job.

Make sure to install the latest cab firmware, at least version 5.35.

  1. models SQUIX, MACH 4S, EOS 2/5, AXON 1/2, HERMES Q, PX Q

November 2020

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