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AutoID with cab printers:
Talking to Roman Schnider, Software Development Department

Roman Schnider Interview

How intelligent are factories these days?

Not long ago, Industry 4.0 described a visionary technology structure at its core. Today, smart factories are finding their way into all major industrial businesses.

No smart factory without explicit identification – what do you think of such thesis?

It makes sense. Labeling enables tracking of individual components, units, products or packaging. Data related to production or consumers can be assigned, recorded and transferred systematically to the smallest detail.

Human beings only understand one other if they speak the same language.

The same applies to AutoID. All cab printers and labeling systems of the current generation are ready to interact with machines and components of different manufacturers in industrial plants. In addition to conventional interfaces, an OPC UA server and client is part of the firmware.

What is made possible by this?

The server enables printer configuration and control, while dynamic print data can be prepared via a defined programming interface. With the help of the client, data fields from other OPC UA-enabled machines can be read directly and put on a label. No additional software components are needed.

How about further developments?

As regards future, I am sure that in almost all companies the superior control of a plant, its components and the products processed in it will be connected. They will coordinate their activities in dynamic information networks.

What are the benefits for operators?

Increase in productivity and quality, while costs in terms of setup and use of resources are reduced. 

November 2019

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