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cab labeling heads, operated by Ankerkraut and GERNEP
Spices known from Die Höhle der Löwen, labeled in a professional way

Ankerkraut, GERNEP and labeling heads from cab

The Ankerkraut taste manufacture located in Hamburg is a success. A startup company in 2016, its spices convinced investors on the German "Die Höhle der Löwen" TV show. Enthusiasm for the products has been growing, so has coverage.

Mixed spices with illustrious names such as Gipfelstuermer, Annes Liebling, Teufels Kerl or Steuerbord are filled in containers, identified and packed in a modern manufacture facility. GERNEP, a cab partner, has designed technology dedicated to labeling specifically for Ankerkraut. cab IXOR units label thousands of containers fully automated in continuous operation.

Labeling head IXOR
Labeling head IXOR
Labeling head IXOR
IXOR system at Ankerkraut

The collaboration impresses: By operating two to three IXOR in-line the plant, front labels, back labels and sealing labels are applied to a maximum of 8,000 containers per hour. Sensors detect each container. Then the respective labels are applied. On the front of containers, the labels provide a face and promote the brand. Labels applied to the back display the identity of a product. Containers circulated by the taste manufacture must be labeled in accordance with federal and food industry directives. Consumer protection, quality assurance and traceability are key arguments.

Conveyors and distribution centers demand reliable tracking. By adding a print module in advance or subsequent to a label application, flexible data, such as shelf lives, can be printed on the back labels of Ankerkraut products. A flexible kit of basic components enables both glass containers sealed by cork or screw-capped PET containers be printed in the manufacture plant. All machine parameters adjust automatically.

One system, multiple designs

cab IXOR labeling heads apply self-adhesive labels in high quantities quickly and precisely to objects, either in continuous or clocked operation. IXOR is usually assembled by the specialists of the cab TAG ON spin-off on the basis of ten to 20 modules. With the help of this unique construction system, units can be configured specific to a customer while maintaining the high quality of largescale manufacture. Additional equipment for assembly, column and floor stands support IXOR be integrated anywhere to linear or rotary plants. Operators can select from several structural widths.

Front labels, back labels and sealing labels
The installed IXOR labeling heads apply front labels, back labels and sealing labels to a maximum of 8,000 containers per hour.

Performant and reliable

Label webs on an IXOR are fed and set in position by a highly dynamic servo controller. A high-torque external rotor drive moves any roll in continuous operation. Label webs are wound reliably. The control unit integrates to the chassis. By assembling a sensor to the peel-off plate of IXOR, smallest differences in height can be detected on webs in motion. Each label to be transferred is verified. A touch display with symbols is provided. The web interface enables remote control, using a tablet, smartphone or PC.

Close to customers

Labeling spice containers with cab units: What are the experiences so far? And how did the coordination with Ankerkraut go? Mr. Martin Hammerschmid, Managing Director of GERNEP, provides information.

Martin Hammerschmid, GERNEP
Martin Hammerschmid: Talking to the Managing Director of GERNEP
IXOR operated intuitively via touchscreen
IXOR operated intuitively via touchscreen

What was the process like from the initial contact with the customer to the ready-made machine?

Hammerschmid: "We had been recommended to Ankerkraut. In general, when marketing and technology meet, you have to find a compromise. In this case, two passionate companies coincided. There were months of mutual recommendations between the first meeting and the final design. We love challenges and put all efforts into the machine. The result is very satisfactory for all the parties involved."

What role does labeling play in your operations?

Hammerschmid: "Labeling has always been an essential product feature. We are very experienced in this and rely on partners. Customers profit from a wide range of solutions. Requirements on the technology provided by cab had been defined from the start as precise, stable, rugged and future-proof. Digital interfaces must ensure signal exchange with the higher-level plant control unit, other machines or components. The IXOR units meet all the requirements for the upcoming years. They are established on the market."

How did you become aware of cab?

Hammerschmid: "cab had been known to us for some time to be very innovative in label printing systems. At a point some years ago, cab added to its range of products systems for dispensing self-adhesive labels in rotary and linear plants. We at once got the idea that these will fit perfectly with our solutions. We got in contact and accompanied the development of IXOR systems. Our joint working has been very complementary. It is a pleasure to collaborate with cab. I am sure our partnership will be a long-term one. This is a win-win situation for cab, GERNEP and the customers."

Label sensor CEON


Customized IXOR configuration

Each IXOR operation follows individual needs. In order to evaluate all such requirements and transfer them to the specifications of IXOR, cab has set up a specified contact and sales structure. Find our technical staff on www.tag-on.de/en



Briefly introduced

Founded in 1985 in Bavaria, Southern Germany, GERNEP is now known worldwide for labeling solutions. The company develops modular systems for the identification of products and integrates them precisely to high-class equipment. Preferred operations are in the beverage and food industries, as well as consumer healthcare.


Video of the application

cab labeling heads, operated by Ankerkraut and GERNEP: Spices known from "Die Höhle der Löwen", labeled in a professional way

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Labeling head IXOR

Label sensor CEON

June 2022

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