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Labeling fruit and vegetables in a clever way
Automation, flexibility and sustainability are targets

Karlsruhe, Germany | December 19, 2023

Reliable label data enable correct distribution, traceability and smooth processes. cab has 48 years of experience in printing, dispensing and applying labels. Thermal transfer solutions by cab at FRUIT LOGISTICA will include compostable materials, label flags and cardboard inserted to side pockets.

Cucumbers, asparaguses, apples or oranges put into circulation must be labeled in accordance with regulations. What product is it? Where does it come from? How much does it weigh? Consumers rely on the designated commercial classes and their quality criteria. Conveyors or distribution centers demand decent tracking. Label quality, pleasing haptics, clearly visible information, legible imprint and proper and precise label application each play a key role in making communication a success. Rough conditions in packing and filling halls must be taken into account when selecting the equipment.

cab HERMES Q and SQUIX models are popular in the industry. Their print units can be expanded by various applicators. Printed labels are automatically applied to goods at high speed, even when processing variable data and products follow one another at short distance. All necessary interfaces, including industry 4.0 protocols, are provided. cab is continuously further developing the units and their comprehensive range of accessories. Farmers and businesses in fruit and vegetables benefit.

Applications exhibited by cab to FRUIT LOGISTICA visitors

  • Labels will be tamped onto cucumbers by a 4114 applicator on a HERMES Q system. The materials in use will be transparent cellulose film and acrylate adhesive. Both are biodegradable in a composting plant. Such labels are particularly suitable if entire packaging must be food-safe and there is direct contact with food. The varnishing and the decorative print colors used on the sample label on the cab booth can also be entirely returned to the cycle of nature. A curved form pad serves as a transfer module on the applicator. It prevents from bubbling on smooth surfaces.
  • Rubber bands, known in the industry for bundling asparaguses, are applied label flags. Cab has therefore individually adapted a standard S1000 applicator. Labels printed by a SQUIX printer are stuck together on both endings by a pliers and are then tamped onto the rubber bands. The latter are entirely enclosed.
  • Apples portioned in trays and sealed in foil are classic displays in retail and wholesale. They will be labeled by cab while in motion on a conveyor. The surfaces of the apples will not be touched. Printed labels will therefore be sucked by the fan of an air jet box on a HERMES Q unit. A strong blast of air enables a label bridging a maximum distance of 20 centimeters before landing on the target spot, sticking there. By this, no pressure is exerted to the apples.
  • Wooden boxes are indispensable when transporting large quantities of fruit. Transparent side pockets for hanging allow labels be attached reliably onto the rough surface. Once inserted into the pockets, the labels remain protected from external influences. cab will print continuous cardboard material on a SQUIX 4 model. The solid labels will be precisely separated by a cutter. They may then be removed from the printer by hand or, as an option, be deposited to a tray for collecting. 

February 7-9, 2024, Fruit Logistica, Berlin, hall 4.1, booth D-32

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Company profile
cab is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of label printing systems. The range of devices includes solutions for marking individual components, units, products or packaging. Healthy global growth, pioneering technologies, products designed according to the needs of operators and the competent support of all customers are prior goals of the company. Employees at locations in eight countries and more than 800 distribution and service partners around the globe are there to meet the targets.

Guntram Stadelmann
Marketing, Technical Editing
cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG
Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
Phone: +49 721 6626-285
Email: g.stadelmann@cab.de

cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG

Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
76131 Karlsruhe

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