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cab video tutorial: When and how should a printhead be cleaned?

Substances may accumulate on the printhead during printing and adversely affect printing, e.g. differences in contrast or vertical stripes. Therefore it is important to clean the thermal printhead regularly. This guarantees a consistently good printed image and plays a major part in preventing premature wear of the printhead.

Cleaning intervals:
• direct thermal printing - every media roll change
• thermal transfer printing - every ribbon roll change

Attention! Printhead can be damaged!
• Do not use sharp or hard objects to clean the printhead
• Do not touch protective glass layer of the printhead
• Risk of injury from the hot printhead line
• Ensure that the printhead has cooled down before starting cleaning

Cleaning the printhead
• Lift the printhead
• Remove labels and transfer ribbon from the printer
• Clean printhead surface with a cotton swab dipped in pure alcohol
• Allow printhead to dry for 2–3 minutes before commissioning the printer

Detailed indstructions you can find in referring operation manuals.


Following video shows printhead cleaning of a A+ label printer.

A+ series - cleaning the printheadPlay

A+ series - cleaning the printhead


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