How to use PX/Hermes+ as a printer without digital signals?

The following instruction enables the operator to control the PX/Hermes+ like a standard printer without using the digital interface!

   1. Choose in your label software the printer mode: "none"
   2. Adjust at the display of the PX/Hermes+ in the menue / setup / maschine parameter / I/O signals / Mode Start the signal to "Level"
   3. Solder a bridge between PIN 6 and 25 at the digital interface
   4. Solder a bridge between PIN 9 and 13 at the digital interface
   5. Solder a bridge between PIN 19 and 20 at the digital interface

Step 1 will set up, that PX is not waiting for a signal "Label is taken" after each and any print!
Step 2 will enable to keep the start signal on high for the complete printing process to the end!
Step 3 will use the internal ground to supply the input signal!
Step 4 will use the print data available signal to start the printer, triggered by a oder download! Please pay attention to that this procedure will also work, if you will send a print queue!
Step 5 will use the internal 24V DC to supply the outputs!

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