How to adjust a flag applicator, type 4712 with silicone pad jaws?

Notes on integration, adjustment and operation  of applicator and silicone pad jaws.

  • Align the labeling tongs of the applicator centered to the label. Any lateral shifting, perpendicular to the print direction, results in the flag’s lateral overlapping.
  • Align the labeling tongs parallel to the dispense plate. If necessary, use spacer gauges. Alignment with an angle causes the flap’s overlapping.
  • Set the stroke of the applicator in such a way that the upper edges of the silicone pads meet each other in their final position directly underneath the diameter to be labeled.
  • It is recommended to have stockpiled the silicone pad jaws as a spare. Wear of the jaws depends on many different parameters. Due to the individual manufacturing and based on the application the repurchasing time is about 2 to 3 weeks.
  • The applicator type 4712 relies on a complex kinematic concept that makes preventive maintenance necessary and needs to be scheduled.

Tags: flag applicator 4712,Hermes+,silicone pad jaws

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