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Never has laser marking been so easy:
XENO 1 desktop system “out of the box”

Karlsruhe, Germany | April 12, 2018

Adding the compact XENO 1 to the product portfolio completes the range of cab laser marking systems in the lower price segment. Processing the system complies with high industrial standards. Laser source and control unit are integrated in one common laser safety housing according to laser protection class 1. The desktop system is delivered ready to operate and together with the marking software cabLase. Connection is established either via Ethernet on a local PC or the network. Simply install the software included and get started!

XENO 1 is used with 20 or 30 Watt pulsed Ytterbium-doped fiber laser sources that allow the laser to mark in a field of 112 x 112 up to 180 x 180 mm. Fiber lasers are used when it comes to realize fast, precise and reliable markings on parts in the Automotive, Electronics or Medtech, Engineering, Tool-making or Mold-making Industries. Together with machine-readable 2D codes, the laser marking offers a secure and effective possibility for tracking and tracing each part.

Footprint 580 x 660 mm only

Despite the compactness as desktop device, XENO 1 offers highest flexibility. The system provides an electrically driven door and operates without compressed air. The integrated software controlled Z-axis allows automated focus adjustment to different heights of workpieces and may also be moved sideways within the working area. This is most useful especially in combination with the rotary axis, which is optionally available, as it significantly extends the variety of applications. The scan head has integrated a focus finder. The side opening of the safety housing ensures mutually optimum access and a good view to setup the marking position requested with the pilot laser. The LED lit working area provides shadow-less lighting.

Easy to handle, clever to use

The control panel integrated at the front of the device is intuitive to use and displays all system functions. Due to the low noise, marking processes can also be moved out of the manufacturing environment to office workplaces.

Laser marking processes produce gases and particles that are extracted and filtered with the new extraction and filter device AF5 delivered with XENO 1. Operating state and saturation level are continuously monitored. Even the rotation speed of the suction turbine may be controlled and adjusted.

The maintenance-free XENO 1 has components that are multiply tested and proven. As a “global player”, XENO 1 is as standard available worldwide and provides easy servicing due to its modular design. The desktop system is CE conform and has further international certifications. With a maximum power consumption of 200 Watt, XENO 1 operates highly efficient and at the same time features low initial and running costs.

Industry 4.0 technology

XENO 1 is prepared for remote control and monitoring in networks that include the interaction of machines with machines (M2M) or human beings (H2M). The desktop system offers everything needed for a Cyber Physical System, involving the interlinking of mechanical or electronic components with state-of-the-art ICT and communicating for example via the internet.

Insights on the Hannover Messe 2018

cab presents XENO 1 in Hanover from April 23 to 27, 2018 (Hall 17, booth D50). In addition, to address the needs of flexibly marking products, the laser marking system LM+ for the processing of laser markable foils, the print and apply systems Hermes+ and Hermes C with different modules for automated label transfer, as well as label printers for applications with up to four or six inch print widths are shown.

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Company profile

cab is Europe’s leading manufacturer of devices and systems labeling on components, products and packaging. Healthy global growth, both technical and functional lead and competent customer support are prior goals of the company. There are more than 370 employees in Germany and in seven subsidiaries abroad as well as 820 distribution partners in more than 80 countries to meet the targets. For more information see www.cab.de/en

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