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New: cab Textile - Label Printers A4+T and XD4T

Karlsruhe, March 19th, 2013

The special printers siutable for printing on endless textile materials

Company:   cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG

Division:      Product Marking                        No:                2013-054_E

Subject:      New Textile Label Printers      Date:             March 19, 2013

Picture:       A4+T, XD4T                                Written by:   Uwe Lüdemann


The Karlsruhe based German printer manufacturer cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG presents two special label printers for printing on textile materials. Due to an adapted print speed of 30–125 mm/s together with selected ribbons, the A4+T and XD4T enable a clean, very easy to read and hard wearing printing on textile material with varying smooth surfaces (satin, silk, nonwoven, tyvec) as a loop or flag on top side of the material or double-sided.

This new label printers are based on the well approved cab A4+ and XD printers. Initially, the A4+T differs in the centre-aligned feeding of the textile ribbon. The material roll is automatically centre-aligned to the starting position. The separator additionally installed at the A4+T and XD4T (drive roller, respectively transport roller) separates the textile material behind the print head from the transfer ribbon. This avoids the conglutination of ribbon and textile materials. As an option, the roller may easily be turned upwards for material loading. Labels to be printed may have a width of 10 to 110 mm. Both printers as standard system have a print resolution of 300 dpi.

An extensive range of accessories make the printers versatile in their applications - to cut per PCU4 cutter and / or perforate endless material in wanted distances. The material may also be rolled up completely uncut or cut and stacked per cutter/stacker up to a height of 140 mm. Two anti static brushes ensure a clear and trouble-free separation of the material without any out-of-control movement of the textile labels after the cutting process.
The powerful label printers are fitted with a 64 MB RAM memory and a high-speed processor to ensure a very rapid data processing. The big display has a menu navigation that can be switched to 31 different countries. The printers are working highly energy saving.
The user has all current interfaces available like RS 232C, USB 2.0 High-Speed Slave and Ethernet 10/100 Base T. Moreover, the printers have as standard two USB Master ports for keyboard, scanner or external control panel as well as a W-LAN card slot available.

The built-in web server enables to do settings of the printers via http access both within the internal network and web. This makes it possible to view comprehensive details about the printer settings via browser.

The A4+T and XD4T are supplied with Windows driver and the label software „cablabel“. Generated labels (with all textile washing-, care- and cleaning symbols) are saved on a CF card or USB stick in the printers. Via standard keyboard and display the labels may be viewed, changed and printed.  So, each customer has the possibility to print his labels „stand-alone“ without any further PC.

The A4+T prints single-sided and separates different types of textile labels fast and at a favourable price. Furthermore, the cab label printer XD4T is available for flag labels that need to be printed double-sided. Identically to printings via A4+T, the bottom side is printed the same time, the upper side is processed.

Label Printer A4+TLabel printer XD4T



Corporate Organization:   GmbH & Co KG

CEO:                                     Ing. Klaus Bardutzky, Alexander Bardutzky

Employees:                         about 280 (as of January 01, 2013)

Plants:                                  Karlsruhe and Sömmerda (Thüringen)

Subsidiaries:                      France, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Taiwan, China  

Product groups:                 Product Identification, Electronics


cab as biggest European manufacturer and supplier for label printers and automated product identification systems has its strength in its own conception, planning and complete manufacturing. More than 225.000 systems are used in Germany and all over the world. Within Germany, our products are marketed and sold directly or by our own partners and by distribution partners world-wide.



Company                      cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG
Adress:                         Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14  76131 Karlsruhe


Phone:                          +49 721 6626 0
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Surf to:                           www.cab.de

Mail to:                           m.cernik@cab.de


Please contact:           Miriam Cernik

                                      +49 721 6626-283

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