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WICON, the cable labeler

Karlsruhe, Germany | December 12, 2022

Single wires and strands, hoses, tubes and round rods require specific labeling. Their surfaces may be resistant to bending or elastic, grippy or slippery. They are in most cases exposed to rough influences and high mechanical stress. Small diameters in particular offer little space. cab provides labels with transparent laminate. Labels are thus covered and information is protected. Wrap-around labels can be printed with selected models of the cab SQUIX printer series and printed labels be wrapped around cylindric items using the WICON applicator.

cab for more than 40 years has been developing and manufacturing solutions in labeling. Included in the range of products are thermal transfer printers, systems enabling fully automated label application, dispensers, ribbons and labels. cab at present provides the most extensive accessories on the market, expanding the functionality of the units to satisfy any demand. WICON can be screwed to a cab SQUIX 4 PM printer if printed wrap-around labels must be applied onto cylindric items. Such units guide materials in centered position. Labels are separated from the liner on the peel-off plate.  

Smart, semi-automatic
Products inserted in horizontal orientation to WICON by hand are centered by panels. The distance of a label margin to an item can be set on the unit. Printing starts as soon as an item has been inserted. It may be triggered also by a data or I/O interface, or a foot switch. Printed labels are picked up by WICON on the peel-off plate of the printer and applied directly to the item. Item diameters are identified by the wrapper head. The size of a label determines if it will be wrapped around the item once or multiple times. It is superfast labeling. Cycles of 1.8 seconds are possible, depending on the number of wrapping-arounds. Pivoting WICON allows label rolls or ribbons been replaced easily.

Wrap-around labels
Type plates, serialization, encoding and numbering are typical wrap-around operations, so are small texts. Correct cable labeling is required on electronic devices and cabinets, in network and server technologies, on operational tools and machines. By this, they can be assigned later. Technicians are in need of reliable data on cables during installations, repairs or when analyzing and fixing errors.

Operators of wrap-around applications in companies benefit from cab equipment:

  • Speeding up by a multiple compared to sticking labels manually
  • Flexible and smooth materials
  • Reliable grip on curves, difficult substrates, etc.
  • Strong adhesive power prevents label margins from detaching.
  • Printings using proper thermal transfer ribbons resist wear.

Data blocks of wrap-around labels are stuck first to an item. By wrapping further around with laminate, the information remains permanently protected from dirt and wear. cab points out that reliable label application can be guaranteed only with wrap-around labels provided by the manufacturer. Operators have to make sure that item surfaces are clean and free of lubricants. All wrap-around labels offered by cab are wound in single lanes, while rolls are packed individually. Labels are provided 19.1 to 70 millimeters high. Single wires and strands, hoses, tubes and round rods with diameters between two and 16 millimeters can be labeled. cab recommends critical operations been tested in advance.

See information on www.cab.de/en/wicon

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Company profile
cab is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of label printing systems. The range of devices includes solutions for marking individual components, units, products or packaging. Healthy global growth, pioneering technologies, products designed according to the needs of operators and the competent support of all customers are prior goals of the company. Employees at locations in eight countries and more than 800 distribution and service partners around the globe are there to meet the targets.

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cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
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