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Labeling cables and the like

Karlsruhe, Germany | September 29, 2021

Human beings have been wiring the world since the late 19th century. Cables, whether installed on a permanent basis or in flexible use, regulate electrical goods and electronics, telecommunication services, industrial and home technology. By marking them reliably with labels, data streams, network and voice communication are assured. Handwritten notes have long since ceased to meet the highest standards. Regulations require, for example, data readable by machines, encoding, resistances and protection from manipulation. cab provides suitable equipment.

Thermal transfer method
Cables can be labeled in many ways, depending on the application – amongst others, by labels indicating types or performance, flagging or shrink tubing. In particular in the automotive sector, but also in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, liquids, solvents or chemicals are in use. Mechanical wear is also a factor. Outdoors, markings are exposed to weather conditions, in technical or cryogenic applications to extreme temperatures. Customers benefit from cab’s long-term experience. cab thermal transfer printers enable maximum printable resolutions of 600 dpi, high contrast and sharp-edge print images even in marginal areas. So, even tiny fonts can be verified with the eye and micro barcodes be verified perfectly by scanners. Provided that proper label and ribbon materials have been in use, thermal print images remain legible during processing, testing, storage and transport.

Label flags
If space to apply a label is limited, low-tolerance systems are required. Devices of the HERMES Q series are capable of this with labels as small as 3 x 4 mm. Labels intended to be processed automatically by a cab flag applicator are optimized by cab. Serial numbers or barcodes can be printed on labels and these labels be fold around cables.

Sealing labels prevent from manipulation, either by tearing on removal or by leaving emblems on a surface, being no longer fully transferable.

Wrap-around labels
Such self-laminating labels are wound single-lane on rolls. They can be removed by hand on the peel-off plate of a printer or applied by a wrap-around applicator automatically on cylindric objects (diameters 2 to 16 mm) such as single wires, strands, cables, cable bundles, hoses, tubes or round rods. Transparent laminate wrapped around the marking areas of labels permanently protects from environmental influences.

Shrink tubes
Shrink tubes have proven worthy in electrical cabinet construction and in automation. The plastic tubes contract under heat. Objects which are covered by shrink tubes are electrically insulated. Labeling enables reliable identification and classification. cab provides printers designed for shrink tube labeling with centered material guidance. The XD4T printer model has been designed for printing two-sided. Therefore, two print heads are assembled head to head on the device. Electrostatic charge is derived after printing using a brush. When printing at high heating energy, a separator enables reliable processes by preventing the thermal transfer ribbon from sticking to the material. An additional roller keeps the material in tension.

For information and solutions on labeling subjects see www.cab.de/en

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Company profile
cab is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of label printing systems. The range of devices includes solutions for marking individual components, units, products or packaging. Healthy global growth, pioneering technologies, products designed according to the needs of operators and the competent support of all customers are prior goals of the company. Employees at locations in seven countries and more than 800 distribution and service partners around the globe are there to meet the targets.

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cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
76131 Karlsruhe

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