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cab systems at Fachpack 2021
Non-limit labeling using proper accessories

Karlsruhe, Germany | July 7, 2021

Every industry has specific requirements on labels and the way they are applied automated on products or packaging. Cycle times, if objects are in motion or at rest and directions from which labels are applied are decisive. cab HERMES systems are flexible and future-proof in this respect.

Label applicators can be added to a HERMES print unit individually. In case of an operation changing, replacement is easy. cab provides solutions, no matter if labels have to be applied automated by pressing, a roller or a blast of air, corner-wrap, in motion or at rest. This is unique on the market. The modular concept is available globally thanks to standardization.

Assembly and connectivity
HERMES Q is the proven allrounder. HERMES C in particular enables hazardous goods be identified according to GHS. Containers such as pallets, barrels, buckets, cans or bottles get labels two-colored in one operation. Assistants and stands enable all HERMES systems be installed flexibly to labeling plants. To integrate to networks, all necessary interfaces are provided, Industry 4.0 protocols included. Standards such as OPC-UA and MQTT ensure people and machines communicate reliably.

Apply labels flexibly
On HERMES systems, labels are separated from the liner after printing and handed over to an applicator. Depending on the applicator in use, labels are moved by a rotary or a stroke cylinder to their target positions on objects. As for the final application onto surfaces, there are various options:

  • Press-on option: Triggered by a signal, the applicator applies a label onto an object. cab provides transfer units according to the size or consistency of the object, in a universal design or specifically spring-mounted, with a damping layer or a label stop.
  • Roll-on option: A package or another object conveyed on a belt below the applicator automatically picks up a label from the applicator when moving along.
  • Blow-on option: The applicator remains above an object and by a blast of compressed air blows a label without mechanical contact onto, for example, fruit or vegetables sealed in foil. Maximum distances of 20 centimeters can be bridged.

Label winding, cutting, scanning
In addition to print volumes or widths, label sizes and the quality of print images, the way labels are further processed after printing determines which label printer fits with an operation. The range of accessories provided by cab, in particular for industrial SQUIX printers, is the most extensive on the market at present. For example, label rolls can be wound or unwound, or labels be applied to objects after printing. Printed labels may be separated and then collected in a tray. Labels may get perforation so that they can be separated easily by hand at a later stage. Linear 1D or 2D codes can be verified in terms of content and readability by scanners. Protective housings are provided by cab for specific operations, such as contact with food or electronics, or in clean rooms, or such printers are supplied with special, such as conductive, coatings.

Service and support
cab delivers equipment to fit, accelerates process times, simplifies operation, integrates labeling systems exactly to information systems and pays visits on site to understand requirements exactly. Longevity often plays a key role here.

cab at Fachpack (Sep. 28-30, 2021): hall 4, booth 4-308

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Company profile
cab is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of label printing systems. The range of devices includes solutions for marking individual components, units, products or packaging. Healthy global growth, pioneering technologies, products designed according to the needs of operators and the competent support of all customers are prior goals of the company. Employees at locations in six countries and more than 800 distribution and service partners around the globe are there to meet the targets.

Guntram Stadelmann
cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG
Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 6626-285
Fax: +49 721 6626-249
Email: g.stadelmann@cab.de

cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
76131 Karlsruhe

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