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When there is little or no footprint available:
Label printers MACH1, MACH2 impress in any orientation of assembly

Karlsruhe, Germany | February 21, 2018

In case of daily small-volume label printing in offices, laboratories, trading or warehouse locations, desktop printers are the first choice. cab’s printer models MACH1 and MACH2 due to a width of 21 cm and a height less than 19 cm need only little footprint. They print with low noise and are easy to operate. The print image is convincing even when the printer has been assembled in uncommon position – e.g. in suspended orientation on a forklift truck.

Moosmann & Co, a South German wholesaler of packaging, has until the end of 2017 examined label printer models from various manufacturers. As regards the speed of the printer driver and the print quality, the cab printer MACH2 had been superior. So at present, there are exclusively MACH2 printers in use at Moosmann & Co, providing the identification of load carriers such as pallets or steel boxes, as well as the labels for addressing and shipping. In the warehouse office, sometimes 100 labels have to be printed at once in case of major orders. In the sectors incoming goods, high-shelf warehouse and goods dispatch, the printers move to the packages on trolleys and forklift trucks. On the large forklift trucks that are in use in the block warehouse, the printers are assembled in vertical or suspended orientation in the operator’s platform. Video clip at www.cab.de/en/moosmann-video

Front loaders provided with a colored display or control buttons

MACH1 and MACH2 have different operation panels. MACH2 is provided with a colored LCD display and the cab navigator pad, MACH1 has two control buttons and LEDs indicating that the printer is ready and displaying the state of the printer. The printable resolution is either 200 or 300 dpi for both device types, print speeds of 177 mm/s are possible. Labels up to a maximum width of 118 mm may be printed. By default, core diameters from 25.4 to 38.1 mm are processed, as well as ribbons having a 1“ core and a length of 300 m. The printers can be opened up widely to insert resp. exchange consumables. Paper, cardboard or plastic materials on rolls or fanfold as well as the thermal transfer ribbon are inserted from the front. By this, these printers need no space on their left and right when the cover of the device opens. The centered material guide eliminates any need of adjustments. Accessories such as a cutter to reliably separate the labels, a peel-off device and an external unwinder accepting roll diameters up to 250 mm extend the range of possibilities.

LogiMAT 2018 insights

cab from March 13 to 15, 2018 (hall 6, booth D06), will present MACH1 and MACH2 printers connected to laptops. By using the cablabel S3 software, a label can be designed and the print can be started. Moreover, there will be printer models of the industrial SQUIX series designed for 2”, 4” or 6” label applications, accompanied by MACH 4S printers as well as Hermes+ print and apply systems. Amongst other modules for automated label transfer, a new air jet box will demonstrate how to blow a label onto a component or packaging without having any contact to the surface of the product.

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Company profile

cab is Europe’s leading manufacturer of devices and systems labeling on components, products and packaging. Healthy global growth, both technical and functional lead and competent customer support are prior goals of the company. There are more than 370 employees in Germany and in seven subsidiaries abroad as well as 820 distribution partners in more than 80 countries to meet the targets. For more information see www.cab.de/en

Guntram Stadelmann
cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG
Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 6626-285
Fax: +49 721 6626-249
Email: g.stadelmann@cab.de

cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
76131 Karlsruhe

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