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Standard of its device class on the market:
cab takes EOS label printers to the next level

Karlsruhe, Germany | December 7, 2018

In 2011, the EOS were the first cab label printers with a touchscreen installed as standard. Eight years later, with about 60,000 units sold, the manufacturer introduces the successor generation, consisting of the types EOS2 and EOS5. A mainboard with a powerful CPU, as coming with cab’s larger industrial printers, 150 mm/s maximum print speed and numerous possibilities to expand the device and connect it with others strengthen the EOS in the sector of desktop printers rich in additional features as a standard in the market.

A width of only 25 cm, a height of 19 cm and a depth of 32 cm perfectly fits the EOS2 model to be set up where little footprint is available in warehouses, logistics or trade. For processing large label rolls with outside diameters of up to 203 mm, the functionally identical EOS5 printer provides the larger chassis needed. In both printer models the 800 MHz CPU enables 150 mm/s maximum print speed, resulting in up to 20 per cent faster print job execution compared to the predecessors EOS1 and EOS4.

Flexibly networked
Also in the matter of interfaces, no wishes are left open: Serial RS232C, Ethernet, USB 2.0 and two USB hosts are provided on the back of the EOS2 and EOS5, added by a slot to insert a SD memory card. A third USB host is offered on the side of each printer. For wireless web access, WLAN sticks are made available by cab as options. The new EOS printers are OPC UA-ready and able to cooperate with superior control systems for product and package marking within industrial plants.

Easy to expand
The tried and tested principle to easily extend and functionally expand EOS printers with standard components has been continued with the EOS2 and EOS5. Amongst the accessories, there are cutters to separate labels reliably or perforate shrink tubes. If multi-lane labels are processed, the light barrier can be adjusted to the correct position. The new label sensor offers possibilities to reflect from below or top. A rewinder allows picking up especially large label rolls with a diameter of up to 390 mm externally. In case fanfold material has to be processed with constant tension, a fanfold brake is the proper choice.  

Wherever labels are required and access to electricity is missing, the mobile editions of the EOS2 and EOS5 are helpful. 24 volts input voltage enable these printers to be power supplied by every powerful battery. cab offers a battery pack with a charger unit already included as an option. It is installed under the EOS mobile. Per battery capacity, a maximum of 500 print jobs with a label size of 100 x 68 mm and 15 per cent density may be processed.

For information including a video introducing the new EOS printers see www.cab.de/en/eos/

 Images (ZIP file; 31,7 MB)

Company profile
cab is Europe’s leading manufacturer of devices and systems labeling on components, products and packaging. Healthy global growth, both technical and functional lead and competent customer support are prior goals of the company. There are more than 370 employees in Germany and in seven subsidiaries abroad as well as 820 distribution partners in more than 80 countries to meet the targets. For more information see www.cab.de/en

Guntram Stadelmann
cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG
Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 6626-285
Fax: +49 721 6626-249
Email: g.stadelmann@cab.de

cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14
76131 Karlsruhe

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