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cab marking systems: At home in any business

Karlsruhe, Germany | February 14, 2019

cab is an industry leader in automated and high-precision labeling and Europe’s major manufacturer of label printing systems. A quarter of a million cab label printers, labelers, label dispensers and laser marking systems are operated all over the world by global players, small and medium-sized enterprises. About 90 per cent of cab’s customers steadily rely on solutions manufactured by the family business set in Karlsruhe – many of them for 20 or more years.

Logistics: labeling hazardous goods in the central warehouse
In the city of Landsberg, the German drugstore chain ROSSMANN operates cab Hermes+ print and apply systems along the conveyor lines. Equipped with stroke applicators, they automatically apply limited quantity labels onto picking boxes as specified in regulations. The quality rate is 99 percent. Instead of labeling the boxes while they are in motion, the consisting conveyor system was rebuilt so that the boxes stop at the labeling stations with the help of a blocking flap. The labels are pressed by tamp pads onto the boxes. After that, a box accelerates on the conveyor belt. Find a video of this application in German at www.cab.de/en/rossmann-video

Signaling: label printing to ensure product typification
Supposed you enter the production facility or warehouse of a mechanical engineer or a company in the automation sector, there is a good chance that signal towers or beacons optically indicate the current operating states of machines or production lines. Or there are horns, sirens or buzzers acoustically pointing to errors or overloads. WERMA plans and manufactures more than 3,500 types of these products at its headquarters in Rietheim-Weilheim. As regards the production and assembly of the signaling devices, the printing of typeplate and packaging labels has always been a key factor. Since 2012, this is done with cab printers A+, EOS and MACH4. See the video in German at www.cab.de/en/werma-video

Textile management: labeling laundry packages in motion
At the Geiger Textil company headquarters in Bad Säckingen, around 80,000 pieces of laundry and 20,000 pieces of workwear and work protective clothing are processed every day. RFID enables a maximum degree of automation to the textile management. As an integral part of the radio-based identification processes, cab Hermes+ systems print customer labels and fully-automatically apply labels to laundry packages in motion. Requirements include the dynamic labeling of packages of different heights, widths and geometrics. The bundles are softly packed and frequently arrive in very quick succession at the labeling station. See the video at www.cab.de/en/geiger-video

Automotive supply: gas generators encoded by fiber lasers
ZF TRW develops and produces gas and micro gas generators to be part of airbag modules. The production facility in Aschau at the river sets high requirements. All data collected during quality assurance must be assessed and provided for later documentation. Encodings have to assure the user where a gas generator had been manufactured and which value-added resp. logistics chains it has passed. In the fully automatic production lines the control units and laser sources of cab FL marking lasers are mounted in 19“ enclosures. A code is laser-marked onto the metallized generator. At this, digital input and output signals help the laser to interact the plant’s master control. See the video at www.cab.de/en/trw-video

Food packaging: labeling fruit and vegetables in the flying change
Tomatoes, peppers, lemons, zucchini, packed in nets or portioned in plastic trays and sealed in foil are classic displays in retail and wholesale. Pakstation in Venlo ensures that the organic products are packed. Fruit and vegetables from the company’s own cultivation areas in the nearer surrounding as well as from Belgium, Spain and Israel are delivered loose and are sorted and packed by machine. They all leave Venlo on trucks, with destination to customers mainly in Germany. The packed natural products are fully automatically labeled by systems including Hermes+ printers. The latter have been expanded with label transfer modules and application-specifically integrated in the packing lines. Two print and apply systems are assembled in each packing line: one in classical manner, the other upside down. By this, goods in motion can be labeled both from top and below. See the video at www.cab.de/en/pakstation-video

Book labeling: giving books an identity
On 3,000 square meters of space the stock turnover for all OSIANDER book stores is operated, added by the direct shipment of books ordered online, in stores or via phone. Since 2011, the labeling of the goods is foremost done with cab label printers. Two years earlier, the first OSIANDER stores had been equipped with devices of the EOS series. They combine all the features of industrial printers with the ease of operation and compactness of desktop printers. This matched with the requirements set up by the OSIANDER stores. But not just there. Also at the distribution center in Tübingen EOS printers process fanfold labels at all the work stations where customer orders are processed. See the video in German at www.cab.de/en/osiander-video

For further sample applications of cab devices see www.cab.de/case-studies

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Company profile
cab is Europe’s leading manufacturer of devices and systems labeling on components, products and packaging. Healthy global growth, both technical and functional lead and competent customer support are prior goals of the company. There are 400 employees in Germany and in seven subsidiaries abroad as well as 820 distribution partners in more than 80 countries to meet the targets. For more information see www.cab.de/en

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