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cabPROTECT: Data security in label printing

Karlsruhe, Germany | July 21, 2020

Modern manufacture sees marking systems work autonomous, interact among each other, with host computers or a plant control unit. Data security is a key issue. The integration of components, their administration and authentification are sensitive tasks demanded from the corporate IT. cab systems SQUIX, MACH 4S, EOS, AXON, HERMES Q, PX Q and IXOR developed for printing or applying labels provide proper features by default, fairly protecting data in a network.

  • Permissions can be assigned to users and restricted by passwords.
  • Access to network services (HTTP, FTP, VNC, OPC UA etc.) is possible only for users with authorization. Network services can be switched on or off.
  • Wireless interfaces (WLAN, Bluetooth) can be switched on or off. WPA2 and WPA2 Enterprise levels of security are supported.
  • Firmware updates are verified for integrity before installation.
  • Network protocols can be encrypted using TLS/SSL. To connect securely in a network, a certificate as required is installed in the device ex factory.
  • USB slots can be locked and access to external storage media be denied.

All the current cab printing systems are based on the same electronics. The printer language is the same, so are interfaces and memory. Any further developed operating system or driver is available immediately on every device. Resets to default settings are PIN-protected.

For information on the Web see www.cab.de/en/cabprotect

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