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Loftware™ and cab: Making color label printing possible


The working environment in the chemical and related industries continuously changes. Countless revisions to regulations on labeling are defined by the EPA, REACH and OSHA. Isolated or in-house developed applications are often no longer flexible enough to meet the needs of a company. This often includes marking products and packaging according to the guidelines of the Globally Harmonized System, GHS.

Loftware Enterprise Labeling Solutions

When it comes to Enterprise Labeling Solutions, Loftware offers more than 25 years of industry leadership. Loftware’s comprehensive Enterprise Labeling Solutions integrate with SAP, Oracle and other enterprise applications allowing companies to achieve labeling consistency and flexibility for barcode labels across the global supply chain.

Benefits with Loftware:

  • Enabling integrated, automated labeling
  • Allowing rapid change via data-driven labeling
  • Supporting high volume global printing
  • Extending labeling for business partners

Two-color label printers by cab

Two-color label printers by cab

GHS pictograms require two-color printing, and in this regard, cab Technology provides the highly successful XC printers with two thermal print units arranged in-line. cab also offers additional printers in their line-up: In 2015, for example, Europe’s leading manufacturer of Label Printers and Automated Labeling Systems added the Hermes C model to print and apply individual two-color labels in one operation.

"Only if printers and enterprise applications fit together does product marking meet the highest requirements for quality, reliability and safety."

Uwe Lüdemann, Sales Director Label Printing Systems at cab

Benefits with cab:

  • Simultaneous two-color printing in one pass
  • Meets the conditions for the Classification and Labeling Inventory according to GHS
  • Integrated ribbon saver mechanism reduces the consumption of ribbon

Do Loftware solutions and cab printers go together? Yes, they do!

Through a partnership with cab, Loftware has developed a native printer driver enabling Loftware Spectrum™ to support cab printers: A+, EOS, MACH4 and the XC series. This partnership allows tighter integration of two-color printing for mission-critical GHS labeling throughout a global supply chain.

"Our native printer drivers provide cab and Loftware customers with the high-performance they require."

Günther Martin, Sales Director Europe at Loftware

Benefits of the Loftware and cab partnership:

  • Built-in native printer language for high volume printing
  • Simplified printer deployment
  • Elimination of pre-printed label stock
  • Increased control and consistency
  • Reduction of overall maintenance
  • Minimized network traffic and bandwidth
  • Unlimited flexibility to support GHS labeling variations
  • Cost and time-savings

 Loftware Enterprise Labeling Solutions
 cab label printers XC series

September 2015

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