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Integration of cab EOS label printers

Integration of cab label printers

No printer is isolated – in a productive environment it is connected to other equipment or networks for control and monitoring. cab offers various possibilities to integrate the printer into your environment.


Every cab printer can be directly coded with the simple programming language JScript and an extensive instruction set. The label software cablabel® S3 supports optimally JScript, but a JScript program may also be created with any text editor.

As an integrated element of the firmware, the abc Basic compiler enables the printer to process data via BASIC programming before it is sent for print editing. That way, you replace external printer languages or integrate data from other systems, e.g. balance or a PLC.

11.4 In the stand-alone mode with additional network connection, the Database Connector enables printers to access data directly from a central ODBC-, OLEDB compatible database and to print it as a label.

In cooperation with SAP* cab developed the so-called replace method to control cab printers quickly and easily from SAPScript using SAP R/3. Using the replace method the host computer only sends the JScript variable, respectively changed data to the printer. As a Silver Level partner in SAP‘s Printer Vendor Program, cab has access to the SAP development area for optimum printer support in SAP environments.

11.10 The Programmer's Guide (PDF, 3,5 MB) explains and describes commands for different printer models via direct programming with JScript and abc and additionally the connection of the printer to databases via Database Connector.

For the printer control via PC drivers are available for established Windows operating systems, and CUPS-based drivers for Mac OS X and Linux. The drivers ensure optimal stability on your operating system.


Using standard programs such as the web browser or FTP clients, the integrated HTTP and FTP server enables print monitoring, configuration, firmware updates and memory card administration. Status, warning and error messages are sent to administrators or users as e-mails or SNMP datagrams via SNMP and SMTP clients. A time server is used to synchronize time and date.


Label printer EOS - network possibilities

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*SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries.

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