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Universal cutter

Resulting from the ease of use and low procurement cost the universal cutter is economicaly viable even for small quantities or samples.

Universal cutting machine FS 100
With the Universal Cutting Machine, improve production and lower costs

FS 100 LogoResulting from the ease of use and low procurement cost the universal cutter is economicaly viable even for small quantities or samples.



The Advantages at a Glance

  • Easy Operation
  • Precision Cutting
  • Economical


Resulting from its ease of use and low procurement costs, the Universal Cutter is economicaly viable even for small quantities or samples. It can cut up to 6.100 pieces per hour. When used for just one hour per month, it pays for itself by saving the 5 –10 hours which would be required to cut the same quantity by hand.

Highest Quality of Cut

Self-sharpening blades guarantee more than one million cutting cycles when used correctly. The upper blade can be swung up by hand. A material blockage can easily be cleared. The blades can also be easily exchanged or cleaned. Each blade has two cutting edges. Simply by turning them over, the life of the blades is doubled. Both feed rollers are motor driven to protect the material surface and ensure precise lengths of cut material.

Easy Operation

The Universal Cutter is controlled by a microprocessor, therefore its use is easy and comfortable. A two row Liquid Crystal Display shows all values, conditions and faults. The operator is led step-by-step through the programme. The length of material required, the number of cuts, and the feed rate are requested consecutively. The length of material provided by the test cut can be checked immediately using the built-in tape measure. Any alteration can then be made before starting automatic operation.


The Universal Cutting Machine can cut a wide variety of materials: Flat Cable AWG 22-AWG 32 Round Cable 1 – 6mm, Piping ø up to 30mm. Side up to 2.5mm thick. Piping ø up to 50mm. Side up to 1.5mm thick. Paper, Cardboard up to 250g/m2 Foil and Banded Material.

Technical Data Universal cutting machine FS 100
Breadth of Cut max. 100 mm
Material Flat Cable AWG 22-AWG 32, Round Cable Ø 1-6 mm,
Ø up to 30 mm, side up to 2.5 mm thick.
Ø up to 50 mm, side up to 1.5 mm thick.
Paper, Cardboard up to 250 g/m2, Foil and Banded Material
Material Thickness 2,5 up to 7 mm
Cutter speed 2 Cuts/sec.
Feed Rate 50 – 300 mm/sec.
Number of Cuts 1 – 999.999
Material Length 10 mm – 10 m
Setting in 1 mm steps
Programming Values Measuring Unit: mm/ lnch
Language: English/ French/ German
Operation Keyboard Numerical Keys 0...9, Operation Keys, Enter, Erase, Clear
Function Keys 1. Start, 2. Stop, 3. Single Cut, 4. Feed, 5. Programme
Display 2 x 20 character LCD
Sensors End of Material, Cutter Basic, Setting, Cutter Cover open
Voltage 240 VAC, 50 Hz
110 VAC, 60 Hz
Temperature / Humidity    Operation
Temperatur / Luftfeuchte   Storage
Temperatur / Luftfeuchte   Transport
  +5 - 40° C / 10 - 85 % non-condesing
  +0 - 60° C / 20 - 80 % non-condesing
 -25 - 60° C / 20 - 80 % non-condesing

Reel Holder for the FS 100

Reel HolderEnables reels or spools of up to 600 mm in diameter and up to 30 kg in weight to be used.




Unwinder for the FS 100

UnwinderProvides an additional material feed and is recommended for reels or spools which weigh more than 4 kg. Thereby any variation in the length of cut material will be avoided.


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