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Off-cut remover Hektor 2

Hektor 2 LogoSeparates milled PCBs carefully and fast

Hektor separates milled PCBs carefully and fast. The offcut material is removed smoothly and precisely. The matrix consists of two parts. This ensures easy and cost-saving change of the blades. Compressed air is used for the separation process.

The operating pressure can be set on the machine. When the foot switch is pressed, the off-cut is punched out. The off-cuts are collected in the collecting box. When the gate is opened the waste material can be extracted.

Safe operation with Off-Cut Remover Hektor 2

The PCB is slipped with its milled groove over the blade and is placed onto the matrix. The off-cut is pulled under the blade. When the foot switch is pressed, the off-cut is punched out and the waste material is collected inside the machine.


With the T-blade off-cuts can be punched out right and left of the blade without turning the PCB.


The L-blade will be used if there are small distances between the off-cuts




Included in delivery.


Technical Data Hektor 2
Separation type Punch blade
Operation by hand
PCB thickness max. 2.5 mm
Air connection 1/4"-plug-in coupler
Operating pressure typical 4 bar

Temperature / Humidity   Operation
Temperatur / Luftfeuchte  Storage
Temperatur / Luftfeuchte  Transport

  +5 - 40° C / 10 - 85 % not condensing
  +0 - 60° C / 20 - 80 % not condensing
 -25 - 60° C / 20 - 80 % not condensing
Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions H x W x D 170 x 220 x 255 mm
Approvals CE, FCC class A


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